Yellow in cold winter’s sky
Promises that snow is nigh

Yellow forsythia in spring
Promise of a warmth to bring

Yellow flowers with summer come
Promises days filled up with fun

Yellow autumn mornings though
Promise that more sun I’ll know


Lost Coat


I’ve forgotten where I put my coat
But I don’t need it now
Not with this September sun
Still hot upon my brow
I’m a happy bunny who’s quite chuffed
For the weather, when like this
Lifts my soul, makes me complete
Keeps me in perfect bliss


Walking contented


These cobbled lanes, a thousand years
Where countless souls have trod
This hallowed ground where now I walk
On sparkling dew-clad sod

This sleepy town, its flinted walls
Where fisherfolk resided
And the comfort that the parish church
Reliably provided

This history, this pleasure
Given by this place
I walk in now with privilege
A smile upon my face




Twenty-five in September?
Doesn’t bother me
Chance to get the kayak out
Go paddling in the sea
Keep the summer going
No disagreement there
Keep at bay the threat
Of winter coats to wear
Twenty-five in September?
Bring it on I say
For, as a child of summer
It betters winter any day


I am


I am restless
I sleep little, always moving I toss and turn
I rise up and fall down
I am often angry, losing my temper
I am taciturn and dangerous
I am deceitful and untrustworthy
I am lies and broken promises and disappointment


I am also beautiful
I am sparkling in the sunshine
I am golden in the dawn’s still light
I am ethereal and whimsy and dreamlike
I am the words of poetry and prose
I am the emphasis of story
I am the syntax of verse
I am simply always
I am the sea.




We love our little garden
It is more or less complete
Charming in the winter
But best in Summer heat

We have roses here and lavender
Jasmine on the wall
Virginia Creeper on the fence
Turns red as leaves they fall

Honeysuckle in the spring
Passion flowers and Holly
Sculptures made by our own hand
Constructed to a folly

We have a studio facing Eastwards
To catch the morning sun
And Nasturtiums in abundance
Now that Summer’s almost done

The Forsythia turns yellow
When the Springtime comes around
And now we’ve had a tidy up
Grass covers ‘most the ground

It’s not a gardener’s garden
But we love it just the same
It’s ours – that’s all that matters
In the sun, the snow and rain




Sitting in the sunshine
I saw movement by the wall
Little Manfred Mouse was out
To pay me a social call
I took a pic upon my phone
‘Cos he’s a lovely little mouse
But my wife has threatened other things
If he comes near the house.


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