Wordplay is a marvellous thing
Finding ways to rhyme
It needs patience and vocabulary
And occasionally time

Syllabic sequencing is key
For some words just don’t fit
They need to flow right off the page
Needing humour, yes; and wit

Punctuation is important
But I don’t let it bother me
I want the words to do their thing
For the reader, don’t you see?

Thematics, they don’t matter much
(You can write ’bout anything)
It’s more important that the end result
Should make one smile and sing

So I’ll often read aloud the words
I’ve written when I’m done
For it’s important that they work for me
And give you, the reader, fun


Lucy’s gulls


I felt disinclined to write today
Not sure why that should be
For there’s plenty going on around
Just nothing that grabs me

The one thing I keep thinking of
Is a photo published by
a friend on FaceBook earlier on
which made me smile and sigh

It was one of seagulls in the sun
Flocking overhead
So rather than write more today
I’ll publish that instead


Gull photo by Lucy Ashworth

The Ice Hotel

Newark North Gate station 21.1.13 2

Fashioned from the snows of old
The Ice Hotel is jolly cold
Upon the chill its fame is sold
Enter in if you be bold


The inspiration for today’s little ditty originates from the ‘Poets Corner‘ WordPress blog. The challenge – to simply write a poem about The Ice Hotel. Open each year from December through April, The Ice Hotel is built from snow and ice taken from the River Tome in Jukkasjarvi, Northern Sweden. The whole hotel and most of its furnishings and fittings is made entirely from ice and maintained at an average temperature of minus 5º Celsius. It has a bar and restaurant, bedrooms for 100 guests and a chapel.

Pea Soup


Visibility almost zero
I can barely see the green
I know it’s out there somewhere
For it’s oft where I have been

Strange how unfamiliar
Things become on foggy days
I know this is the way to go
Despite this strange malaise

Nothing’s where I expect it though
The tree line’s disappeared
I’m beginning to walk aimlessly
And get lost just as I feared

But then, all of a sudden
The trees appear in front of me
Their ghostly apparition brings
A little clarity

My path remains uncertain
This pea soup thickens still
But there’s promise there before me
Strengthening my will

Resolve puts best foot forward
‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day)
A metaphor from Sussex hills
To help me find my way


Bridget Riley


Saw Bridget Riley in the rain
In Worthing yesterday
Vertigo remembered
What more can I say?

These boring street-life objects
We pass by all the time
Given just a little zest
If not to say, sunshine


I expect it’s the same all over, but artists in my neck of the woods (Sussex, UK) have taken, over the last few years, to decorating telephone exchange boxes and the like, found in our streets, with all sorts of strident themes. We started off with a bunch of cassette tapes but this is the first Bridget Riley(esque) one I’ve seen. The Vertigo reference is to the record label. Not known for sure who designed the centre labels used – but it’s long been credited back to Bridget Riley. 

Ringing Sussex


Today we walked from Ring to Ring
beneath a winter sky
The sun shone bright despite the threat
of rainfall by and by

Plans long laid, fruition saw
a walk unlike no other
With smile and gusto two men went
friends yes, but also brothers

Cissbury came and Cissbury went
rain followed sun with thunder
But in between the blue skies came
and Chanctonbury wonder

Thirteen miles of Sussex hill
more on the morrow too
The weather promising much less rain
and maybe sunshine too.


A dog’s life


It’s quiet at home with just us four
And the background radio station
The dogs they listen when we chat
But it’s a one-sided conversation

They don’t say much but when they do
It’s really loud and barky
And we don’t get a word in edgeways
With all of that malarky

Most of the time though they just sleep
And live the life of Riley
‘A dog’s life’ as the saying goes
We could accept entirely


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