Life in words


Post-op blues

Post-op discomfort isn’t nice

in fact it’s quite a pain

in more ways than one (if truth be told)

it’s hard not to complain

Two in the morning and I can’t sleep

though I’ve tried (you have my word)

The problem is the lying down

It really is absurd

I’ve tried listening to music

I tried counting lots of sheep

But none of it is working

as I simply cannot sleep

I most certainly have the post-op blues

(that’s fairly safe to say)

but I’m hoping one more day of rest

will make them go away


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I’ve won an award
I’m chuffed and pleased
For it is the first one
Jemverse has received


I feel really honoured to have been named as ‘A Versatile Blogger’ today. It’s so nice to know that others enjoy the reading of Jemverse as much as I enjoy the writing. A massive thank you then to John Mark Miller (aka ‘The Artistic Christian‘) for nominating Jemverse for the award. Mark’s blog is dedicated to the discussion of music, art and culture from a distinctive Christian worldview. If you need a little inspiration or motivation in your life, give it a visit; some good stuff here.

Rules for Accepting This Award:
  • Display the award on your blog
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Present 10-15 deserving bloggers with the award.
  • Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
  • Post seven things about yourself.
Jemverse nominations for “The Versatile Blogger” award
  1. Harry Mullan at Poets Corner (
  2. Maria Michaela at One poem a day (
  3. Paul F Lenzi at Poesy plus Polemics (
  4. Violet and Miranda at Violet’s Vegnecomics (
  5. Michelle Sherlock at Looking 4 God today (
  6. Shawn L Bird at Shawn L Bird (
  7. Fausto at Spoken word poetry (
  8. Wendy MacDonald at Green Light Lady (
  9. Louise Leger at Life in Poetry (, and
  10. Paul Matthews at Alfred’s Almanac (
Seven fun facts about me (Jem Croucher aka Jemverse)
  1. I have a passion for music. Not a day passes without me listening to something or other. I have a very extensive music collection (from 78 to MP3), go to 10-15 gigs a year and play a ukelele very badly
  2. I have two other blogs just for music – Jemtunes  ( and Jemsmusic (
  3. I was a sambista for ten years playing a bass surdo in a local samba band (The Beach Bateria). We performed at numerous carnivals including Brighton Pride, the London Lord Mayor’s show and the Round the World yacht race.
  4. My favourite colour is yellow
  5. I can recite the phonetic alphabet backwards
  6. My favourite film of all time is the 1947 (original) version of Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ starring Richard Attenborough and Carol Marsh
  7. This week a young seagull stayed in our garden for two days until a nice man from a local wildlife rescue team came to give him a new freedom on the beach. We named him ‘Steve’ (the seagull, not the man!)




Whisper before the morning



It is the whisper before the morning

and I have captured the curl of a smile

caught with the taste of salt on my lips

and lingering for a while.

I have seen a long night of summer calm

come and go with the tide

sitting on the shingle here

my two dogs at my side

I have seen a fading azure sky

over in the east

and I have witnessed dawn’s full splendour,

a perfect visual feast

It is the whisper before the morning

and its fragrance is as new

it is a privilege to be here

bequeathed to very few




Dedicated to Margaret Hamerton 



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