Dawn Chorus


I cannot capture sound in words
But I really wish I could
For what I’m hearing at this time
Is sounding pretty good

It happens every morning
In most places of the world
A chorus for each brand new day
As dawn it is unfurled

The singing of the little birds
Enough, dare I to say?
To warm the coldest ever heart
And brighten up a day

I wish these words could capture
The beauty of that sound
It is a melody like no other
The sweetest song around


Tick Tock


Sat quiet in a still, small hour
“Tick tock” the silence said
My pen it scribbled frantically
My words to sentence led
No slow of time or guilt lay there
No mischievous intent
A meeting mind instead laid bare
To freedom it was lent
“Tick tock” the silence said once more
Glanced up, I saw the clock
Thought ‘must be rushing off quite soon’
(It came as quite a shock)
The time from dawn to day had sped
In the blinking of an eye
But lost to whimsy, scribbling still
It had gone swiftly by
“Tick tock” the silence shouted now
I grabbed my bag and went
Complete with new creation here
Productive, that time spent




In the clarity of morning light
When the sun is on the rise
A yellow band out to the east
Shows where its glory lies

Ice crystals crunch beneath my feet
And wrapped up nice and warm
The day has promise as the light
Spreads out in this new dawn


Memory capture


I captured a memory and took it home
And hung it on the wall
It smiled and told me stories
Which I remembered one and all

It’s concave fifties clarity
Showed me my father’s face
So I am proud to give it legacy
In a brand new hanging place


My mother recently moved to a nursing home. Of all the bits I’ve inherited from her bungalow, this mirror has the most memory for me. It was a wedding present when she was married in 1958, so it carries many, particularly from my childhood. I can vividly remember my father combing his hair in it back in the sixties; so, as he passed on in 1974, it’s a special treasure for me to have now.

Mary Rose


Warming cockles with a Costa
Down in Portsmouth, on the quay
HMS Warrior, through the window
Sally, Holly Ann and me

Not many people here today
They’re mostly shopping with a moan
Suits us three fine as we now have
The dockyards mostly for our own


Juxtaposed, the old and new
Frigates glimpsed from Victory’s bow
But here more for ancient wanderings
And the Mary Rose right now

First time I have seen her dry and
Without seawater spraying in
Reveals the glorious size of her
A warship built just for a king


A tudor rose in more than name
She is a beauty to behold
Those ancient salvaged timbers
Telling stories never told

And outside now as sun reigns down
Cold from a winter sky
I am thankful for this special day
Deep satisfaction with a sigh


Photos from Portsmouth historic dockyards, UK by Jempics. HMS Warrior and the Spinnaker Tower, HMS Victory and the naval dockyards and, King Henry VIII’s flagship – The Mary Rose

Quite chuffed


Walking home through Worthing
Having had a Cornish ale
I happen chanced upon a sign
‘The Worthing library sale’

Imagine my amazement
When on the shelves I found
All this history of Brighton
Waiting for me, nicely bound

Many hours of reading
From these treasures I will find
Giving me fresh knowledge
And enlightening my mind

A bargain at a pound for six
I was rather chuffed by this
Something nice to while away
Cold winter days in bliss


Seldom sun

Lawress Hall 22.1.13 44

What is it with the winter?
Every day more of the same
Either freezing cold and icy
Or tipping down with rain

The days when it is sunny
Are seldom few it seems to me
Roll on springtime into summer
When again in shorts I’ll be


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