It sort of seems appropriate
for today’s theme to be ‘rhyme
As that’s what I am about most days
and whenever I have time

It’s actually quite a pleasure
if not to say, a thrill
extending the vocabulary
to find the words that will

Rhyme it seems with all I need
to say about each day
The foibles and the nuances
the aplomb and the foray

A rhyme is such a simple pleasure
but it’s one close to my heart
Finding words to paint the pictures
that I need daily to impart


[A-Z April – day 18 – #R]

Quietness (haiku)


quietness, the solitude
of morning greets me


[A-Z April – day 17 – #Q]

All I need


Sometimes I can just escape
when I’m sitting on a train
Travelling to another business meeting
in the sunshine or the rain
I have my music and a playlist
and that is all I need
Watching the world rush by outside
whilst I travel on at speed

Sometimes I can just escape
to my special place on the beach
The bench beside the old fishing boat
from my home, in easy reach
I have my sea and its movement
and that is all I need
Watching as the waves crash on the shore
whilst my thoughts are slowly freed

Sometimes I can just escape
when I’m reading a good book
Caught up in the adventure there
each page a different look
I have my minds eye and its vision
and that is all I need
Watching worlds unfold around me
Literature as my creed

Sometimes I can just escape
when I’m writing something new
Capturing a moment for posterity
and in a year or so, review
I have my pen and my poems book
and that is all I need
Watching words take shape and form
Like planting a new seed



Groyne Two

We have a special privilege
as we live in easy reach
For when the sun shines bright and warm
we can just nip down to the beach

Watch the moving waters
have a cup of tea
soak up a bit of sunshine
or listen to the sea

We can dust off all the cobwebs
and breathe in the fresh air
and revel in the privilege
of simply being there


[A-Z April – day 16 – #P]

Overlooking Cardiff


Overlooking Cardiff city
Its towers proud and tall
The castle in its grandeur
made me feel fairly small

Its walls with Roman origin
stand majestic in the city
Only slightly marred by tower blocks
Behind it, more’s the pity

But bolstered by its history
it rises to the task
And reigns majestic over Cardiff
Who in supplication bask


[A-Z April – day 15 – #O]

Now the Spring


Now the Spring has found its voice
it is shouting out in yellow
‘Have some sun and warmer days’
it cries like a good fellow

Summer clothes and summer smiles
find the people, one and all
And sunglasses in abundance heed
that welcome Springtime call


[A-Z April – day 14 – #N]

Marvellous (haiku)


Hope today will be
full of marvellous wonder
(travelling again)


[A-Z April – day 13 – #M]

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