Tidy up coming

My room could use a tidy up
as it's looking fairly grim
indicative that more or less
tis only room I'm in

As it's here that I'm most comfortable
most days throughout the year
for my music and my writing
and my games which bring me cheer

But now it needs a tidy up
some TLC from me
too get rid of all the rubbish
and yes, some space to free

And then perhaps I'll find things
I've mislaid as weeks go by
to rekindle an enjoyment
with a grinning and a sigh

Besides a pairing down is always
a cathartic thing to do
as it brings about a freshness
of a thing that feels brand new

So my room will get a tidy up
which I'll reflect here with some lines
I'll write when I have done so
with some syntax and some rhyme


Photo – ‘before’ – Jempics

Our beach hut

And the view from the beach hut
to the shine of the sea
on this day in December
was fantastic for me

So pleased I can come
at all times of year
as this place is my haven
and always brings cheer

The locks opened easy
and the roof is still sound
with its turquoise paint job
still the brightest around

This beach hut at Lancing
brings a joy and still more
as place of our own
on the Sussex sea shore


Photo – the sea from Beach Hut 101, December 2021 – Jempics 

On the beach III

Went for a walk on the beach in the sun
the sea was shiny and green
On the shingle the crunch
for an hour before lunch
the view was the best we had seen

From the West a stiff breeze, refreshing, not chill
whipped the waves as they crashed on the shore
and with the tide on the turn
appetite did we earn
as we walked on the beach here once more


Photo – Jempics

The joy of seven tree field

In seven tree field Santa's sleigh had arrived
and Obi sniffed inquisitively
We paused for a snap
with the little chap
before he ran off for a wee

In seven tree field December has come
but it's still not really that cold
The trees are now bare
but none of us care
for they've left the grass covered in gold

In seven tree field where we come every week
the joy this place brings just exudes
So as Obi runs round
on this familiar ground
Not to come would be rather rude


Photo – Jem & Obi at ‘Houndie House’ in Seven Tree Field – Sally Croucher

Measure on measure

The Christmas tree's up
and it's twinkling there
under the window
good spirit to share
It's welcoming glow
is a comforting sight
when I leave in the morning
and return home at night

And the advent sack beckons
a departure this year
from traditional boxes
but still oozing cheer
As every morning we delve
to find a new treasure
from our four grown-up children
for measure on measure


Photo – our Christmas 21 ‘advent sack’ – Jempics

Fickle weather

Fickle this weather
this grey time of year
one day it is icy
the next day it's clear
almost quite balmy
first thing today
took me by surprise
after chill yesterday
So I'm never quite sure
if long johns I'll need
or a raincoat or shorts
and sunshades indeed
I'll never complain 
though I don't like the cold
something quite common
for those getting old
But sometimes I wish
it would make up its mind
this weather so fickle
as that would be kind


Photo – Jempics

Icing days

First hard frost I've seen this year
with icing on the cars
Jack Frost has called here overnight
beneath the twinkling stars
and painted white all that he sees
on windows and on grass
for wonder come the break of day
when shivering humans pass


Photo – Jempics

One IV

4 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months V’ series

First of December
the wreaths are all made
Christmas cushions are out
and November it fades
Tonight all our offspring
will in the attic find things
to adorn, decorate
as the house around sings
I'll dust off the CDs
not played for a year
and join with loud voice
to sing and bring cheer
And as fairy lights glow
we'll settle down as we do
to watch films all together
and look forward to Yule
For though there is more
that December brings here
it's mainly for Christmas
that we hold it dear


Photo – Jempics

Seasons songs

Golden my streets
but it won't be for long
for though sweet are my words
quite short is my song
They look lovely right now
when the sunshine is bright
but lacklustre in rain
and leaden at night

And as winter creeps in
my songs peter out
for I run out of lyrics
with gusto to shout
and my golden turns grey
as the music it dies
for instead of the carpet
hard frost often lies

But there's always a promise
of new music to come
and though golden my fade
when autumn is done
Winter's fine voice
waits there in the wings
and it won't be too long
'til her new song she sings


Photo – Jempics

Garden fade

I stole some summer's magic
kept it back a while to hold
to rekindle momentarily at least
these days when fades the gold

All too soon I'll be forgotten
as lacklustre my waste is laid
and the sun will stay hidden
til come the winters' fade

I'm resigned of course, it happens
every year around this time
as to slumber once more I return
and with all that I am fine

As underneath there's promise
hidden now but all too soon
returning me to glory
as you will see next June


Photo – Jempics

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