Yellow poppy, Lancing beach
Shingle fauna growing wild
Glorious in the bright sunshine
Spreading out and undefiled

Down beneath the high tide line
Lies a friend I know so well
So good to visit her again
And revel in her rising swell

This is to me perfection here
The beach, the sea and yellow
And all of it so close to home
I am a fortunate fellow


Hot II


It’s rather hot
again today
upper thirties
(so some say)
Doesn’t really
bother me
as I’ll be swimming
in the sea
I love it when
it’s hot like this
as this to me
is perfect bliss
I am within
my element
when long days in
the sun are spent
Hot and humid
suits me fine
as I love it in
the bright sunshine



25 March 4

A beach is what I need
when the weather is like this
Fortunately I have one
So it seems I have my wish

Just a little wander through
Shoreham from my home
Across the river via the footbridge
and I’m there, I’ll have you know

It’s a privilege not lost on me
I am a lucky man
Says a bit about my fortitude
and a lot about my tan




Fabulous day
sun shining bright
Clear blue skies
no cloud in sight
Cooling breeze
born of the sea
Sussex today is
the place to be
Temperature rising
heat haze there
Sandals on feet
arms are bare
The river is blue
The fields are green
Best day so far
this year I’ve seen


Reflections (old and new)


In the waters of the Irwell
I see old but also new
A Manchester reflection
affords attractive view

Bordering the ancient banks
from an industrial past
Residential money means
the buildings here will last

Yet, despite the glass and concrete
there’s still a vestige there
in the arches of Blackfriars bridge
built with Victorian flair

Reflections of the old and new
Three centuries collide
Yet ‘tho the new has dominance
the old will still abide


[Looking to Blackfriars Street bridge along the River Irwell, Manchester]

Fraser’s House


Morning coffee ‘neath Art Deco
the world goes by outside
and I wonder what the towering glass
in Deansgate has to hide

Built in stone in thirty-five
Its Manchurian portico
has seen so many ages pass
and people come and go

‘Tho its grand design’s now fading
it has grandeur still to see
and as I sit with cappuccino
that fact’s not lost on me


[The House of Fraser building, Deansgate, Manchester by Jempics]

Lying in it…


Guess I’ll just have to lie in the sun
then, ‘cos it’s out there and I am not
And it’s still the weekend and the next
few days look like they’re going to be hot

A heatwave we’re promised, humidity too
temperature up in the thirties
I’ll definitely be cycling to work each day
and wearing shorts and my summer shirties

And yes, lest you tell me, that’s not a real word
But I’ve used here the license of poet
Which does on occasion lend a hand with the words
that I need to fit in, don’t you know it

Back to the sun then and me lying in it
It’s the thing to do on a Sunday
‘Cos chances are that despite the forecast
It’ll be grey and raining on Monday


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