Remnant of Summer


On the breath of a morning
I caught in the air
a lingering fragrance
subtle and rare
A remnant of summer
to cherish and hold
and remain with me as
the autumn turns gold




The day began with sunshine
so I popped down to the beach
armed with paints and brushes
and a long pole for to reach
the top bit of the beach hut
as it needs a lick of paint
It took me several hours
but a craftsman I just ain’t
It wouldn’t cut the mustard
with a decorator man
But it’s weatherproof and brighter
and I’m pleased with it, I am


Photo – Hut 101 – Jempics

Promises Golden


The day started golden
with promise in store
that there would be warmth
with the sunshine once more
Mid-September but still
the summer is here
Though autumn is calling
and is close by I fear
But on days when the sunshine
has more stories to tell
The promise holds true
and still bodes us well
So I’ll not wish the summer
to leave us just yet
Particularly if more
days like this we will get
Long may it continue
that’s what I say
with more promises golden
like the one from today


Peace and the sea


Peace takes many different forms
but down here it is the sea
On the beach at any time
but today when it’s just me
I hear the waves down on the shore
their motion sings a song
And as I sit and contemplate
I’ll often hum along
It doesn’t really matter
if there’s sun or if there’s rain
for this is a place I’ll come to
many times again


Music Days


On days when it’s raining
my music will play
From the time I awaken
’til the end of the day
It’s an escape I enjoy
and will often return
topping up with the downloads
and the CDs I burn
It’s a remedy to cure
‘most any malaise
So sometimes all of us
need our music days

[10 & 12/9/16]

The music of the ocean


The music of the ocean
the best tune I know
as I hear if very often
when to the beach I go
It’s a full orchestral movement
with the nuances that brings
and the voices of a choir
for the wondrous songs its sings
The music of the ocean
is a comfort here to me
in this lovely place I live in
so close beside the sea


Last day of the holidays


Spent the last day of my holiday
at the beach hut by the sea
It was grey down there and windy
but that didn’t bother me
The sun came out from time to time
and there was warmth still in the air
as I sat and watched the kites
on the water surfing there

I scraped out all the rotting wood
from the left-hand beach hut door
and had just sufficient filler
to prevent me buying more
Painting it will have to wait
until another sunny day
But it’s still looking pretty good
and cheerful I would say

And yes I know I’ve written many words
about my beach hut over time
But it remains an inspiration
for my poetry and rhyme
Because it’s great to have a place to come
and simply watch the sea
finding words to match the nuances
that change here constantly

So I will do my very best
although a handyman I’m not
to keep it looking spick and span
and free from damp and rot
Because it’s wonderful to have a place
to simply sit and write
with the wonder of the ocean
down there constantly in sight


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