Sans ubiquity

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That’s a highbrow way of saying
I’ll not be here awhile
But it won’t be for long and
I’ll return soon with a smile

I’ll be out of wifi range
for a week upon the sea
Writing every day of course
to capture all I see

Sans ubiquitous maybe but
there’ll be poems for everyone
which you’ll all get to read right here
when holidays are done


Three weeks


I’ve turned the Blackberry off
and my bag is stowed away
as I’ll not be thinking ‘work’
for a three-week holiday
Part of it will be abroad
and part spent by the sea
relaxing in the sunshine
where I really love to be

I can still hardly believe it
but yes it really is now here
So I think it’s quite appropriate
to celebrate that with a beer
And then I’ll start relaxing
Forget work for a a while
Simply be, enjoy myself
All with a massive smile


Anticipation III


Anticipation is
a marvellous thing
especially when coupled
with enjoyment to bring
I’ll give you example
in these few words here
of something that’s bound
to bring lots of cheer

For in just two more sleeps
we’ll be on our way
for a seven-day cruise
on a week’s holiday
We’ll be flying to Spain
then off for a sailing
The Mediterranean
climes for regaling

The Rock of Gibraltar
Portugal too
in a sea that is bound
to be lovely and blue
The ship’s called the ‘Spirit’
from the Thompson cruise line
And we know that the weather
will be balmy and fine

And as my pen is sure
to be travelling with me
there’ll be poetry here
for you all to see
For each place that we visit
and the things that we do
will be captured in words
and repeated for you


White horses in paradise


I sat down at my beach hut
with white horses at low tide
The kites were out there surfing
in the blue sea vast and wide
And the breeze though fairly brisk
was blowing from the south
bringing a fresh saltiness
I could taste within my mouth

The waves were making constant sound
as they lapped upon the shore
And I sat and smiled and thought that I
could not wish nor hope for more
This is a haven paradise
wonderful at any time
But especially on days like this
when the weather is so fine


High-five on a crystal morning


On the beach path this morning
the warmth of the sun
encouraged me as the
new day was begun
The sea was quite lovely
The breeze very slight
and the shine on the water
was exceptionally bright

So as I passed by my daughter
from the opposite way
we high-fived a greeting
as we passed just to say
that today was as lovely
as lovely can be
in this place where we live
right next to the sea


Holiday III


It’s great to sit out in the sunshine
and feel its warmth upon my skin
Especially when, time on my hands
there’s no need to go back in
I can sit out here as long as I like
time has no relevance here
Except when every so often I feel
the need for another cold beer
I can listen to my music and
just snooze or read my book
Or simply lie out in the sun
get brown and slowly cook


Sunshine yellow


The beds were full of yellow dahlias
in the churchyard yesterday
Looking lovely in the sunshine
as we paused along the way
We sat and had a coffee
and admired the glorious scene
Quite the most attractive
for a while that there has been

There were lots of people passing
and the town had quite a buzz
Seemed all were out enjoying
the summer sun because
it really was the thing to do
on such a day as this
One not far from perfect
with a feeling born in bliss


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