Living as an ocean


I can close my eyes and drift away
with sea scent on the air
whilst the cries of seagulls up above
adds a richness there

I can drift away on a summer tide
as it laps up on the shore
floating as it ebbs away
as my mind cries out for more

I can dream a thousand beaches
filled with sun kissed sand
for this is my home, my haven
touched by God’s own hand

I can live close by an ocean
and see it day by day
I can feel it as it reaches me
in more ways than I can say

For I am living as an ocean
with moments there to save
as I live and breathe the movement
that I feel with every wave


The zebra and Bizet


I think it was Bizet the zebra was playing
in Brighton today in the sun
Nocturne in D Major if I’m not mistaken
Yes, I think that piece was the one

It was somehow fitting for the time and the place
a tranquil and quiet melody
Brought an air of contentment to those wandering by
In Brighton, so close to the sea


Photo – Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, UK – Jempics



Like a butterfly formation
in the warm sunshine
Hydrangea flowers quietly
maturing like good wine

Beauty holds no equal
for this soft pink melody
Nature’s private viewing
especially for me


Autumn’s song


I’m not discounting summer
although August is now gone
For September days bring welcome rays
before the Autumn’s song

The sunshine it still carries strength
and though days are shorter now
it’s good to feel late summer heat
upon my face and brow

Having said that, there’s a fragrance
subtle, on the air
to remind me that the autumn’s
just around the corner there


Pocket of sunshine


I have a pocket of sunshine
to soak up the last rays
As they leave my garden
at the end of fine days
And in the chair I have here
I’ll sit quietly and write
With the joys of my garden
Close by in plain sight

Inspiration is here in
abundance it seems
Something to do with the
peace and sunbeams
For this is my tranquil haven
I’m in my element here
With a pen, some clean paper
the sun and a beer




Passion as a dancer
taking centre stage
Caught in a moment
at ocean’s sweet plage

In beauty your splendour
unparalleled here
Your late summer swan song
Bringing me cheer




Reflection, like a deepest thought
as a window to the world
In droplets captured, held to view
by summer rain unfurled


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