Springtime Cheer

It’s in my garden again
the yellow that speaks of the sun
Forsythia glory shouting aloud
that Springtime has begun

And the green is lusher too
Winter fades away
The grass upon my lawn suggests
it’ll soon be mowing day

The time for that will come
but for now the yellow’s here
Replacing all the winter blues
with lots of Springtime cheer


Photo – March Forsythia yellow – Jempics


Night falls on the city
as daytime fades away
the cranes are still and silent
just up from Cardiff Bay

The streets below are empty
whisper growing from a shout
as from my lofty view I see
that no one is about

This is the last time I will view
this scape as on the morrow
eastwards I will travel home
with just a tinge of sorrow

The week’s been long and, dare I say
that even if it fails
it won’t replace the lovely time
that I have had in Wales


Photo – Cardiff from the Clayton Hotel, St Mary Street – Jempics

Evening Gold

Silhouetted here in contrast
against an azure sky
Like giant insects waiting
cranes in silent protest lie
And glorious behind them
behind the Western hills
The sun sets o’er the city
and everything is still
This tranquil ending of a day
when all is painted gold
exudes a warmth, a calming
as the evening takes a hold


Photo – sunset over the new BBC Wales building, Cardiff, UK – Jempics

First Daisy

When I first see a daisy
in the sunshine I will sing
For it heralds Winter’s passing
and arrival of the Spring


Photo – Spring daisies, Ty Glas, Llanishen, Wales – Jempics

History lost to time

Walked down the mile of Bute Street
to the pier head in the bay
Trod where the Glamorganshire canal
supplied the port back in the day

The canal bed now though long since gone
Coal dust replaced with grime
Its waterbed now carries cars
its history lost to time

Once it was said that you could cross
the bay across the boats
So many were there in the port
the age-old saying gloats

Now though the waters of the bay
devoid of shipping lie
The coal mines of the valleys quiet
no longer export ply

Yet in a new millennium
in twenty-seventeen
Regeneration gives the port
the best life it has seen


Photo – the Pierhead building (1897), Cardiff Bay, Wales – Jempics


In Cardiff the old Custom House
has seen better days
as it and progress have at
some point parted in their ways

Next door the York Hotel
has seen a likewise fate
Both buildings now in sadness
boarded up their future wait

And I can’t help but wonder
what they were like in days of old
before their history faded
and their glory days were sold


Photos – (top): The derelict Custom House & York Hotel, St Mary Street, Cardiff – Jempics; (bottom): the Custom House & York Hotel in their heyday by the (now defunct) Glamorganshire canal – AlanYorkepics.


Made my way to Cardiff
on a Sunday afternoon
Six hours on a railway train
views from hotel room
The city streets below me
Welsh and English on the signs
Old and new in contrast
amongst the ancient lines

Put some music on my i-pod
Slumber called aloud my name
Resistance pretty futile
as tiredness swiftly came
Still there remained a moment
for some thoughts about the day
A few short lines reflecting
some words I had to say


Photo – The GWR building, Cardiff – formerly a hotel, now a JD Wetherspoons pub – Jempics

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