Removed from the sand

April arrives and I sit in the sun

here at the end of the day

in a spot at the end of the garden where

I can write and then have my say

It is a savouring grace to have and to hold

and cherish like a living thing

and to feel the last embers of the warming sun

is just cause I can tell you to sing

So though this is my pleasure it’s repeated

by people all over the land

particularly now that the Spring has arrived

and heads are removed from the sand


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XVIII (Summer’s Child again)

Concluding ‘The Spring 21’ series (12 of 12)

I am summer’s child

Born of Spring I blossom and

bloom to full glory

I am summer’s child

My warmth grows stronger by the

day as sunshine comes

I am summer’s child

You will know me as the Spring

Such is my purpose


Photo – Jempics

Summer’s Child‘ as No.18 in the Jemverse ‘Tri-haiku’ series was first published in May 2019

Sunshine shadow revisited

11 of 12 in ‘The Spring 21’ series

Sunshine shadow

casts a glance

with nonchalance and whimsy

warming through the window

but outside still frail and flimsy

Sunshine shadow

gains in strength

though now as Springtime garners

new life from Winter’s barren hands

for gardeners and farmers

Sunshine shadow

brings to me

a promise edged with laughter

which following the winter chill

is what we all are after

Sunshine shadow

saving grace

from the long hibernation

as we waken to the wonder

shouting loud our jubilation


Photo – Jempics

Sunshine Shadow‘ was originally published in March 2020 with a new verse added on 14 April 2021

Yup – still singing

10 of 12 in ‘The Spring 21’ series

Wet roads glisten in sunshine

fresh from the rain

as I sit here gazing

from my window again

Very little here passing

lock-down in full swing

but there’s full colour highlight

born of the Spring

The yellow forsythia

is quite lovely to see

from here at my window

as it brings home to me

that despite all the changes

Covid-19 is bringing

there is nothing to stop

the world from still singing


Photo – Jempics

First published as ‘Still Singing‘ in April 2020; rewritten April 2021

Spring (finally) again

9 of 12 in ‘The Spring 21’ series

And finally Spring

arrives in a day

long hours of sunshine

hip-hip hooray

On the breeze is a fragrance

carried with grace

as we welcome the Springtime

with warm embrace


Photo – Jempics

Spring (finally)‘ was first published in April 2018

Perfection in pink again

8 of 12 in ‘The Spring 21’ series

The clematis against the fence

of the allotment in Ham Field

has many words which may describe

the beauty here revealed

But I’ll keep it nice and simple

the best way here I think

and simply say in these eight lines

perfection’s here in pink


Photo – Jempics

Perfection in Pink‘ first published on Jemverse in April 2017


7 of 12 in ‘The Spring series 21’

The spirea in full bloom

with white flowers there abundant

and warmth of the sunshine

means winter’s redundant

and I’m pleased about that

and it fills me with joy

something first realised

when only a boy

For as a child of the summer

the heat’s that of June

from the warmth of the Springtime

cannot come too soon

For I’m alive in this weather

when the sun climbs up high

and the clouds are all fluffy

and blue fills the sky

So the spirea in full bloom

forms a synergy here

which is always a comfort

at this time of year


Photo – Jempics

‘Spirea’ was first published as ‘A synergy born‘ in April 2017. Rewritten April 2021

Verdant again

6 of 12 in the ‘Spring series 21’ from Jemverse

Luxuriant this time of year

the grass is verdant green

and unless I am mistaken

looks the best it’s ever been

It’s thick and lush and lovely

and loves the Springtime sun

which bathes it in a golden light

until the day is done


Photo Jempics

Verdant‘ was first published in April 2016

A pocket of Springtime revisited

5 of 12 in ‘The Spring series 21’ from Jemverse

Sitting in a pocket of Springtime

warmed by a welcome embrace

breathing in deeply the fragrance

feeling the sun on my face

knowing the winter’s behind me

forgetting the long months of chill

looking forward to summer

promising warmer days still


Photo – Jempics

I first published ‘Pocket of Springtime‘ in March 2016. Rewrote it for this on 7 April 2021.

Indicative too

4 of 12 in ‘The Spring series 21’ from Jemverse

Indicative of summer

the Springtime grows and grows

it’s getting warmer by the day

as only April knows

The light has changed, it’s brighter now

and days are longer too

more growing time much needed

brings colours into view

The monochrome of winter fades

replaced by green and blue

as the warming of the sunshine hints

what all along it knew


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse first published ‘Indicative’ in April 2015. Rewritten 7.4.21

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