The Turning


Turning now
the green will fade
to liquid gold
of Autumn shade
Past equinox
less sunlight hours
But warm enough
for many flowers

There’s colour here
to hold at bay
the looming months
of Winter grey
But turning now
the fading slow
as Autumn has
still much to show


Tranquility II


We have a beautiful garden
which is lovely to see
I’m so pleased it is there
for my family and me
It’s a respite for us
throughout the whole year
For just sitting in quiet
or a chat with a beer

It is somewhere to hide
our own private place
When we need to slow down
from life’s frantic pace
Exuding a peace
it’s a great place to be
It’s our refuge and strength
and our tranquility


Sea of Sometime


Sometimes it summons whispers
and at other times a shout

Sometimes it’s quite an angel
and at other times a lout

Sometimes it exudes serenity
and at other times it’s mad

Sometimes it makes me want to cry
and at other times feel glad

Sometimes it speaks a thousand words
and at other times it’s mute

Sometimes it’s undecided
and at other times astute

But in all these things it’s always and at every time to me
the ever-changing wonder that is, of course, the sea

Of the trilogy:
Sea of Child (1st October 2015)
Sea of Heart (2nd October 2015)
Sea of Sometime (3 October 2015)

Sea of Heart


Sun glare on the water
staring out to sea
Caught up in a moment
completely blissfully

Familiar scent of harbour
feint upon the air
Reminds me of my childhood
and all the years spent there

Familiar crunch of shingle
underneath my feet
On a beach in Sussex
here I am complete

The shoreline’s friendly whisper
my essence here in part
The sea is deep within my soul
and also in my heart


Of the trilogy:
Sea of Child (1st October 2015)
Sea of Heart (2nd October 2015)
Sea of Sometime (3 October 2015)

Sea of Child


By listening very carefully
I could hear it on the air
My call across the many years
to me still walking there
The beach where many summer spent
as a boy with dirty knees
To which half a century later
I returned on Autumn breeze

So very little here has changed
So, with echoes of the past
I stood there a while just gazing
out at the ocean, vast
And as I stood there watching
the past and present met
With man and boy upon the beach
a rare reunion crept


Of the trilogy:
Sea of Child (1st October 2015)
Sea of Heart (2nd October 2015)
Sea of Sometime (3 October 2015)

The Weald


Up on the ridge of the South Downs in Sussex
the view is especially fine
And the good thing for us is that it’s really quite close
So we’re up there time after time

You can literally see for miles upon miles
To the North Downs across Sussex Weald
Divided by hedgerows and dotted with trees
Around many a bright coloured field.


Photo – Across the Weald to the North Downs from Devil’s Dyke, South Downs, Sussex, UK – Jempics

All I could wish for


Went for a walk ‘neath some gnarly old trees
The sun filtered down on beams through the leaves
with the beginning of Autumn there to perceive
All I could wish for is here.

Breathed deep the fresh scent of autumnal air
Saw the turning of leaves in all the trees there
with the zest and the colour of nature’s true flair
All I could wish for is here.

Trod paths clad with underlay of soft loam and peat
Prepared and made ready by long summer heat
for the carpets to follow to make them complete
All I could wish for is here.

Felt the power of the sunshine there on my head
Dappled corridors of brightness ahead of me led
as content, I reflect on the words I have said
That all I could wish for is here.


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