Several thousand poems
yet I still await the one
Illusive, it’s beyond my reach
although the words still come

The lines still form, the craft remains
the pen is never still
I capture life, I write it down
and never have my fill

Somewhere out there are the lines
that every poet seeks
A perfect recreation of
a mind that never sleeps

So I’ll always write , it’s all of me
and part of who I am
Crafting words to poetry
for life because I can

And those unreachable illusive words
the ones I seek to find
are my spur for ever onwards
as I write what’s on my mind


Midnight Inspiration


Midnight petrichor
The earth calls me to her
and night-time takes me there
Sometimes my best words
come in the small hours
when I should be deep in slumber




Surrounded by red
Rubies more precious than gold
Such treasure have I


Sunshine and wild ponies


Walking through the forest
I spied ahead of me
open fields and sunshine
and ponies running free
Some turned around at my approach
ears cocked as if to say
“Good afternoon to you upon
this fine October day”

I nodded an acknowledgment
politely as one does
for out here this is their domain
so its only right because
Here in the New Forest
they have the right to roam
for this has been for many years
their private English home


Photo – New Forest ponies, Hampshire, UK – Jempics

Virginia Red


At the end of my garden
at this time of year
when autumn’s cold hands
tells me winter is near
My Virginia Creeper
turns a deep shade of red
before its leaves start to fall
to the ground when they’re dead
It’s quite lovely to see
and in spite of the cold
this Virginia red
is as precious as gold


Autumn on the wall


Betwixt the green, the turning red
up there on the wall
Cold heralds signs of changing
as Autumn comes to call


Morning sunlight


Morning sunshine
streaming through
at the start
of this day new
Forest quiet
this time of day
footfall light
I tread my way
The heady scent
of loam and tree
hits my senses
moving me
In this hour
this quieting time
I am at peace
and all is fine
And one with nature
as its guest
I am content
at its behest


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