Summer’s Child

The winter’s shadowy clouds have past

And Summer’s child is here

To warm the cockles of our hearts

And fill our eyes with cheer

Summer’s child is pure and free

Her breath is fresh and new

Her hands give life to grass and tree

Beginning summer true

Summer’s child comes once a year

To give the fields their youth

It follows winter’s furious fear

Dispels its lies with truth

Summer’s child will not stay long

Her life has one short fling

For as seasons through the years have sung

Summer’s child is Spring





We have a little boat

In our beach hut by the sea

Blue and yellow and quite small

But big enough for me

Paddling out when the tide

Has uncovered all the sand

Out away some distance

‘Til I can barely see the land

And then when I have had my fill

I’ll paddle slowly back

It really is quite fun you know

When you’ve got the knack

Because there really isn’t anything

(Despite all those who gloat)

As simply lazing in or on

Our little yellow boat



Buckingham Barn

We went for a walk in the country today

A ramble up on Southwick Hill

Then over the downs to Buckingham Barn

Late September but very warm still



Tall Ship

There’s a tall ship in the harbour

I can see its tall masts pointing

Above the roofs of rows of houses

Like a landmark to the sea

There’s a tall ship in the harbour

I can feel its ropes and rigging

Like a distant voice that beckons

As an echo down to me


There’s a tall ship in the harbour

Dry dock, squabs and people mending

As it waits for waves that linger

At the passing of each hour

There’s a tall ship in the harbour

Hear the sad songs seas are singing

As they wait for keel to join again

With its majestic power




Took a trip down to Portsmouth

The sun was shining bright

The Spinnaker Tower in all its glory

Was an awesome sight

Sat a while in April sunshine

Walked round Gunwharf Quay

Took some pictures, watched the water

As boats sailed out to sea

Felt the warmth of summer growing

As I wandered round a while

Days like these bring joy of living

Refreshment with a smile

©Jemverse (April 2014)

I watched the sea

I watched the sea

It did me proud

I smiled at it

Then laughed out loud

The warming sun

Bright in my face

On Shoreham beach

My special place

It’s everything

And all of me

For I am whole

Beside the sea

I laughed again

And felt at ease

For I am content

For times like these


©Jemverse (March 2011)


March’s chill met April spill

The six month winter gone

Friday came, bringing May

Warm sun shining long

Faintest breeze, sea sound there

The beach mine own again

Ever changing but somehow still

Staying just the same

Glint upon the water strong

Sky a cloudless blue

Sea-haze shrouding Brighton’s sprawl

As I welcome summer new

This is again my solace here

Beach hut one-o-one

Long hours of resting peacefully

‘Neath days of summer sun

©Jemverse (May 2013)

Pretty head smile

Pretty head smile, there when I wake

There in the sunshine and rain

Waves from the hilltops, waves from the sea

Hastens me homeward again

Pretty head smile, my refuge, my calm

Many facets to my life she brings

There when I’m happy, there when I’m sad

Like music her sweet voice it sings

Pretty head smile, my solace, my gain

For a man who has nothing to give

A love offered freely, seeking nought in return

My freedom, my reason to live

Pretty head smile, never failing to be

There whenever I turn

To encourage and hearten, inspire and uplift

More than I ever deserve

Pretty head smile, there just for me

Without you I am nothing at all

You make me complete in every which way

There to catch me whenever I fall

Pretty head smile, my lover and some

My treasure, the love of my life

My perfect companion, and yet what is more

My very best friend and my wife.


©Jemverse (October 2005)

Shoreham by the Sea

I have a beach of shingle mixed

With golden sea-washed sand

Its grandeur and its mystery

Forged by God’s own hand

I have a river winding through

The valley from the sea

Its tidal water carrying

Swans and seabirds oft to me

I have a range of rolling hills

The green of Sussex fair

And there really isn’t anything

With all this to compare

My home is here with all of this

It is a special place to be

The river, hills and beach that is

Shoreham by the Sea

©Jemverse (November 2005)


Black and white movies on television

Cream Crackers and cheese on the side

Hot cup of tea and comfortable slippers

Somewhere to curl up and hide

Lose myself somewhere in a bygone age

When charm was a prerequisite

When men raised their hats and opened doors

And on buses and trains gave their seats

Away from the harshness of everyday life

Escaping for the moment at least

Comfortable moments all to myself

And lost in a visual feast.


©Jemverse (November 2005)

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