Mr & Mrs Blue Mercedes

Arrive at the same time every day

He with horn-rimmed spectacles

She with sprayed on paint

Usually with an argument

But always arm in arm

Hiding ‘neath the make-up

Smiles to public charm.

But once, when it was raining

Gallantry displayed

He hoisted an umbrella to prevent

Her face from getting sprayed


Then there’s Mr Banker man

(I’m being careful what I say)

He with great green coat and hat

And an FT every day.

He who absent mindedly

Stepped heavy on my foot

With a scowl as if to warn me

Where my feet I put

I know he’s Mr Banker man

‘Cos he has a Nat West case

Yet perhaps there’s a more appropriate word

For him and his scowling face.


But then there’s always young Miss Cheery Smile

To take my mind off of such things

She who knows ‘most everyone

As with pearlescent teeth she sings

A happy word to all of us

Travelling on the seven oh two

Sending us smiling on our way

In whatever it is we do

(Apart from Mr Great Green Scowling Banker –

From her charm he is immune –

He’s too wrapped up in something’s he’s read

In his FT I assume)


©Jemverse (March 2005)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zarfdom
    Apr 29, 2014 @ 13:46:16

    This is great, thank you 🙂



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