Small Boat


The riverbank in Shoreham-by-Sea – a small town on the Sussex Coast (UK) – where I live is littered with moored boats. Some small, some larger; some lived in (houseboats); some used commercially, others for pleasure; most still owned, some sadly abandoned. This is one of the latter. Originally a small pleasure craft, it’s been moored on the mudflats on the beach side of the river for as long as I can remember, and is slowly rotting away and falling apart. It’s been vandalised by fire at least twice and, although its superstructure has all but vanished, the hull remains. I photograph it often and have written about it several times. Here’e one.

Sad, bereft, alone, forgotten

Small boat on the bank

It’s final resting place remains

From the day it sank

Rotting and its old paint faded

Graffiti now replaces

Vacant eyes look to the water

Holes with tattered spaces

Water-filled as high tide turns

It has seen better days

A sad and trite reminder

Of a fatal summer blaze

©Jemverse (November 2005)


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