Percy Penguin

I once knew a penguin called Percy

He was a good friend of mine

He lived in a hole in the garden

And came out when it was fine

When the sun shone bright in the sky overhead

He came out of his hole in the ground

And we’d chase each other in the garden

Around and around and around

I knew him for one whole summer

He was the best penguin I knew

He was kind, he was thoughtful and loving

In those months that I knew him so few

We had oh so much fun in the garden

And he once came inside for some tea

But stuffed so much fish in his tummy

That there was none on the plate left for me

But as Winter’s cold fingers began calling

He came to me with a tear in his eye

And said he must soon now be going

It was the saddest ever goodbye

And so, on one Autumn morning

He left his hole in the ground

And with just a wave of his flipper

He left me without a sound

I cried for a week thereafter

I missed Percy Penguin so much

But although he’d be gone all winter

I knew he’s still keep in touch

In March he sent me a postcard

To see how I was getting on

He said he was looking forward to summer

I can’t wait for the summer to come

It’s now April and the Spring is upon us

I cleared out Percy’s hole in the ground

For soon I shall be with my penguin

Chasing round and around and around


©Jemverse (1987)


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