Something Interesting

Could you show me a colour? One that describes me?

Look at my face – see the colour behind my eyes?

It cries for the sun; it pines away during these rainy days.

Curled in a ball and shivering, it longs for a blue that paints the skies.

But all it sees now is a blue that sings. A sorrowful song;

One that lingers long on the moment of a sad day

Longing to escape but failing every time it tries

I have a paintbox here somewhere; it has a bright palette.

One I have used many times before, mixing over each time

Old and dusty colours lending their day to ones so bright and new

Blending easily with the marks I have made. And that pencil line –

The one I have drawn but rubbed out so many days.

Maybe for once the picture will turn out just fine.

There is a colour there with just a hint of something interesting

I think it’s the one you’re looking for. Something of the extra mile

That curling at the edges that suggests it wants for more

Like the spreading of rings of raindrops as they fall for a while.

But there again, perhaps I am imagining things  – I’m prone to that

Perhaps I’ll curl up here – small – and dream again for that smile.

Come closer. I’ll show you a colour – one that describes me.

Is it blue or a yellow or an autumn gold? Is it mellow green

Or amber or purple or silver? Is it a deep, burning orange

Or any one of the hundred thousand colours you have seen?

No, it is none of these and yet every one of them. The song is loud

And though it fades, like those raindrop rings, it will never, ever leave.



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  1. elkelorraine
    May 20, 2014 @ 02:07:54

    Loved this. Each color, each verse created a beautiful and sad picture for me.

    Liked by 1 person


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