Carnival time

It’s a wild time animal, loud and fierce

The scariest thing we’ve seen for years

It’s a bad hair day all scraggy and long

With the drums and the tams and the animal song

It’s a Chinese dragon crossing the bridge

It’s a paper elephant, big as a fridge

It’s a surdo line where the wild things are

Bright, long and loud and heard from afar

It’s the loudest thing in sound and colour

It’s carnival time in the midst of summer





Golden water on

Golden river

Golden shimmer on

Golden sea

Golden dawn on

Golden morning

Golden smiles on

Golden me



Comfort as a reassuring smile

Soft hand upon my brow

Your smile, my calming influence

Remains still with me now

My firm handhold and always there

As I have fallen through the years

My solace and my fortitude

Drying all my tears

Loving yet, returning loved

Like I have loved no other

My smiling and my sunshine

My rock, my friend, my Mother



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No trains again this morning

And in the pouring rain

Not a good thing to find out first thing

When there’s no-one there to blame

Lightning strike along in Hove

Is the culprit as it seems

No travel up to Worthing

Get to work by other means

So a wet walk down to bus stop

Slow ride through gathering storm

Thunder and lightning overhead

On this ‘delightful’ summer morn



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Child beneath

Inanimate object, dark dusty hall

Drops from the gutter, damp on the wall

Cracks in the ceiling, sagging floor

Peeling off wallpaper, tatty and torn

Paint a bleak picture, colour it in

Pictures of grey or anything dim

Just make it dismal, capture a frown

Sometimes I think we enjoy being down

Thinking the worst, worry and strife

Instead of just simply enjoying our life

The truth of its clear, I would rather smile

Even if tinged with a tear once a while

Banish that feeling, banish that grief

As I want to be like the child that’s beneath.



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For Sunday…


Underneath a




Y should I?



Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.22.54

For Saturday…


Arrives and

Tiredness fades




Another week of

Yammer passes



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Steve the seagull

Steve the seagull ventured from

His nest one summer’s morn

High up on the rooftop

Where with his siblings he’d been born

Thought he’d had enough of

being up there in the sun

Wondered at the down below

Where it looked a lot more fun

Flapped his fledgling wings a bit

and hopped out into space

Plummeted immediately with

a lack of seagull grace

Found himself in a small garden

with strange smells and grass of green

such a totally different world

From the one ’til then he’d seen

Hopped around bewildered

looking for a snack

but when he couldn’t find one

thought he’d best be getting back

Flapped his wings, ran a bit

and jumped up pretty high

Then rapidly discovered that

He couldn’t actually fly

Time passed by, the sun went down

the day turned into night

But Steve wasn’t all that bothered

about his unexpected plight

Water in a bowl appeared

So he could quench his thirst

And he’d found a few small worms to eat

although they tasted strange at first

Thirty-six hours later though

and Steve was feeling pretty glum

Mum and Dad had made it clear

‘You’re on your own now, son’

He’d watched, forlorn as they had swooped

Up there in the blue

So close yet now so far away

From the world he thought he knew

And then to make things worse

He was grabbed, stuffed in a crate

Taken from the garden

Wondered what should be his fate

Steve the seagull found himself

on a beach with sand and sea

with lots of other seagulls

full of life and flying free

And with another run and spread of wings

He found that he could too

Rise up in the air and fly

with the others in the blue

Steve the seagull swooped and soared

Found his voice and cried aloud

A fledgling chick no more he was

A Sussex gull and proud


For Friday…

Finally with



Descend into

Another weekend with a welcoming




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Seriously? Cancellation?

Problems on the track

I will have to walk now from West Worthing

Heavy rucksack on my back

Still, it’s only two short miles

It won’t take me very long

And as the sunshine is just marvellous

In my head I’ll write a song

Poems daily. Inspiration?

Always something there

The trick is spotting where it is

So I am constantly aware.




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