Jimmy Sproggit’s rocket

Jimmy Sproggit built a rocket from a cardboard box
Found it lurking near some dustbins over by the locks

Dragged it home all on his own although it was a big one
Ignored his Mum who smacked his bum for being late and then some

Upset his Dad and made him mad for rummaging through his desk
Found the tape but made his mistake when Dad caught him on the steps

By now his bum had grown quite numb from the hands that had been smacking
But knew the pain was worth the gain and all that awful whacking

Cut some slats and made some flaps for the Photon engine’s intake
Made a door down near the floor with a handle stuck with Dads’ tape

Put his pillow in the middle and knew that he was ready
“…four, three, two, one…Oh no! Oh bum!…” Almost forgot his Teddy

Blast off then oh my, t’was grand as Jimmy he went soaring
And his Mother’s shouts from downstairs abouts he was tactfully ignoring

Up there a whoosh down here a swoosh, the rocket it was working
But what a shame to see again the person who was lurking

Behind the door, could he ignore another verbal warning?
Oh yes he could, you knew he would (Isn’t that appalling?)

“Jimmy Sproggit, just you stop it” Yelled his furious Mother
“It’s time for bed…” Oh no! Oh smeg! An asteroid belt…Oh brother!

“Look out below!” (His Mum you know was falling and a-sprawling)
As Jimmy steered and, as he feared warned Mum below by calling

Then with a flurry and a scurry Jimmy pressed the button
And the box went bang with such a clang that Mum fell on her bottom!

Thought of trouble as from the rubble Jimmy struggled blindly
But saw beneath, oh what relief instead of anger, Mum was smiling

So off to bed to rest his head and dream of the new morning
When his box would be – well wait and see ‘cos that’s another story.


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Two circles

Today we got back out there
Out on Sussex hill
And though the skies were heavy
It was largely sunny still
A return to the two circles
Round the back of Findon Gorse
Following the South Days Way
To Chanctonbury of course
Then, touching on the Monarch’s Way
With to our left the spreading Weald
We wound up back at Cissbury
Through August’s golden fields


The ‘Two Circles’ is a 12-mile circular walk in Sussex starting and finishing on the Bostel Road just north of Sompting village. The trail takes in the two ancient hill forts of Cissbury and Chanctonbury Rings using parts of both the Monarch’s and the South Downs Way. Of all the walks my brother (Dave) and I do, this is our favourite.


The garden’s looking lovely
We have oodles of new space
All the overgrowth’s been burnt away
And we’ve tidied up the place
We get evening sunshine up to seven
The grass is thick and green
It’s looking quite the best we think
That we have ever seen



Captured moments, those to oneself
Rare, most will agree
So they are to cherish when happenstance
Affords soliloquy
Quiet and solitude are such
That to a pensive mind
A moment of contentment is
The rarest gift to find


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On Tulley’s Farm the maize was high
The August sunshine, kind
Just about right for all of us
To laugh, relax, unwind

We raced on the pedal go-karts
Swung on swings, explored the wood
Played giant draughts, watched some goats
Had coffee, ate some food

Then it was time for amazement
And getting lost in meandering ways
As we ventured into the joy that was
Tulley’s giant maize maze

Memories are made from days like this
Of happiness and fun
Captured in some photographs
On a day in August sun




In July when working
It was thirty-five plus
But now August it’s cooler
And I don’t want to fuss
But I could really do with
Some hot summer sun
As I’d like to be browner
When my holiday’s done.


Garden Barber

Our garden’s had a haircut
A tidying up and trim
‘Cos the overgrowth was getting
Out of hand and pretty grim

Now a passion flower curtain hangs
From Mock Orange in the light
Revealing studio window there
Which before was out of sight

Things are changing out there now
And we’re seeing things anew
Same garden, different outlook
More sunlight, better view


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