Every breaking wave

With every breaking wave
I see a part of me
My life down here in Sussex
In Shoreham by the sea
So taciturn, its nuances
Reflect the changing years
An echo to my lost and loved
My joy, my smiles, my tears

With every breaking wave
I count the blessings that have passed
And with its incessant movement
Know I have not seen the last
So beautiful, its eloquence
Is never lost on me
Its movement as a promise
From my confidant, the sea.


Lovely II

Emily at Backyard Owl made my day today by including Jemverse in the list of 15 blogs she loves, part of the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m really pleased about this as it’s so nice to hear about how my poems are received and appreciated worldwide.

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank the blog that nominated you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Identify 15 blogs you love and
  4. Tell each of them about this with a comment on their blogs.

This a great way of spreading the word about blogs you love. It’s always nice to catch someone doing something right and this is a great way of doing that.

Seven things about me:

  1. I have a passion for Victorian (and later) wooden breakwaters. Sadly these are in decline these days but there are still some fine, weathered examples to be found. I have myriad photographs and have used their inspiration in many of my driftwood sculptures over the years
  2. For over ten years I played bass surdo (a 22 inch deep sounding drum) as a sambista in a local bateria samba band – the Beach Bateria. Sadly failing health meant I had to stop but I retain a deep-seated love for all things ‘drum’
  3. My favourite food is Yaki Udon – a japanese noodle stir-fry with vegetables and ginger
  4. My favourite film of all time is the 1947 version of Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ starring the late Richard Attenborough
  5. I am passionate about lavender
  6. I collect stones with holes; I very rarely leave the beach without at least one in my pocket
  7. I love Converse hi-tops. Currently I have around 15 pairs of varying age and condition and in a variety of colours.

My 15 Lovely Blog nominees – Really hard to choose here. Some I’ve been following for a while; others are quite new to me, but all help to brighten up my day and that’s what counts. Some bloggers have their own rules about awards. So, if your policy is not to accept them, no worries – doesn’t stop me loving your blog and saying so!

  1. The Red Box
  2. Wordypenguin
  3. Life in Poetry
  4. Trifles & Trinkets by the Sea
  5. Alfred’s Almanac
  6. And a poem on the side please
  7. MaggieMaeIjustsaythis
  8. Peace Love and Patchouli
  9. Traces of the Soul
  10. Quatrains of a Novice Poet
  11. The Starting End
  12. Colleen Kelbert – Canada
  13. Johnpoetflanagan
  14. Strings of soulfulness
  15. A word of mine

Thanks again Emily at Backyard Owl.

Breakwater II

Casting long shadows in the late October sun
Breakwaters deep in the sand
Wood smooth and moulded, seasoned by salt
And carved by the sea’s mighty hand

Green seaweed covers its old weathered joints
Crustaceans on seaward end
Its long arms reaching down to the sea
From the beach it seeks to defend



I have to get back out there
For one last tidy round
Before the damp and rain of autumn
Saturates the sodden ground
Tidy up the spread nasturtiums
Cut back the deadened stems
Prepare the garden for the winter
On which its dormancy depends

There’s still a sun trap at the bottom
So I’ll take advantage there
The shorts replaced by long-johns
With the cooling of the air
Firepits replace now loungers
The heat from fire instead of sun
But it won’t be long again until
Another summer is begun



Screaming in the darkness
We run about like fools
Shocktoberfest is back again
So time to break the rules

Deep in the heart of Sussex
To Tulley’s Farm we’re bound
Where the quiet of the countryside
Is the noisiest place around

Five thousand people screaming
Will be an awesome sight
Having zombie fun with all the ghouls
In the middle of the night

It’s a family tradition
We come back from year to year
Our purpose to have lots of laughs
Though born from fright and fear




(9) footbridge (2002)

Bright lights on Salts Farm pierce the half light
The remnants of night time remain
As in this silence before the waking hour
I pass by on the red eye train

There’s a warmth in the air despite Autumn’s call
And with a promising glow to the East
The reflections in the water of the sky overhead
Are a moving visual feast



There are so many colours
To choose from every day
The only problem, which to use
Depends on what’s to say

Some colours they are small and bright
Others long and dim
But all have place from time to time
Depending on my whim

All words, like colours, find a place
Within the verse I write
Most days a picture will emerge
Dependent on insight


Life as a flower

Below ground I lay dormant
Biding my time
Pushing up through dark soil
When the weather is fine

I have learned to stand upright
With my roots firm and strong
But it is up in the daylight
Where I truly belong

Green shoots through the frost
I stand up to the world
As soon my true beauty
Will be known and unfurled

In adolescence I grow taller
Seeking the sun
As my flowers begin budding
My life is begun

Blue mirrors the sky
As my beauty it grows
I have blossomed and flowered
And stand proud as it shows

And as the Spring gathers purchase
I mature gracefully
My blue in abundance
I am happy and free

Then, as Summer commences
With its warming new birth
My evening begins
And I return to the earth

My blue fades and withers
I shrink and grow thin
And return to the darkness
As my life starts to dim

But deep down in the soil
Though dormant, I live
Biding time for the moment
When more pleasure I’ll give


My Room

In my room where I write
With my desk and my Mac
and my basket of lavender
and my magazine rack
I have books I have read
And some I have not
Most that I remember
But some I’ve forgot
I have sculptures I’ve made
from driftwood I’ve found
and other keepsakes
lie dotted around
All these treasures around me
Inspiration to find
Putting pen to clean paper
As words come to mind


Old Friends

Old movies like old friends
Draw you in and bring a smile
Especially when in absence
You’ve not seen them in a while

For me there are three favourites
I’ve watched many, many times
So familiar now their content
That I know most of the lines

So when the weather is inclement
And you’ve an afternoon to spare
With an old movie, like a special friend
There is little to compare


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