Good deed for the day

My good deed for the day is done
And with it I am pleased
Saved a squirrel from a cat
Just as it pounced and seized

The cat gave me a furious scowl
And ran the other way
The squirrel scampered ‘cross the road
To live another day

I paused and watched him as he went
He was a happy chap
I waved and wished him well this day
And safe from more mishaps




The sky was tinged with yellow
Ethereal it glowed
Casting yellow light around me
Beauty it bestowed

Through the branches I gazed up at it
And wondered at the sight
A little hint of sunshine
‘tween the evening and the night

And then the rain began to fall
Yellow faded to the grey
A swan song sunset accolade
To end another day


Pub crawl poets

A first for me and Jemverse
At The Duke with open mic
“Shoreham Pub Crawl Poets” gathering
For recitals and the like

My whistle wetted with a Hophead
I took the mic and read aloud
Three Jemverse poems chosen for
A most receptive crowd

I’ll probably come back for the next one
For it’s fantastic fun you know
Reciting things I’ve written
-A new string to Jemverse bow.


[‘Shoreham Pub Crawl Poets’ is a collective of poets and musicians performing locally in Sussex; ‘The Duke’ is a Dark Star owned public house in Shoreham-by-Sea, UK; ‘Hophead’ is a light ale from the Sussex based brewery Dark Star]

Christmas sheep

I am resolutely steadfast
Not to wish the time away
But have been reminded since September
That it will soon be Christmas day

Father Christmas lights and tinsel
Shops force, brazen, to our thoughts
Whilst I’m still thinking ‘summer’
In my sandals and my shorts

But December comes next Monday
So from the attic I will find
The decorations box and tree
For a Christmas frame of mind

Until then to get us in the mood
From Christmas time last year
Here’s Shoreham’s famous concrete sheep
In seasonal head gear.



Skylines up above my head
In the morning blue
Ghosts of passing jet-planes
Travelling somewhere new

Wish I was up there with them
Going some place warm
Far from England’s winter shores
On this cold and icy morn


Travelling smile

Travelling again
Dawn’s in sight
Morning heady
End of night

Stevie playing
Feel okay
Going to be
A lovely day


Moonlight on the water

Moonlight on the water
Sea moves swiftly in
Winter winds behind me
Light is feint and dim

Echos from the evening
Of surf unseen but heard
Watching as the water
Awakens, feelings stirred

Behind the rocks, breakwater
Buried in dark sand
Hiding on the shoreline
From the sea’s strong hand

Moonlight on the water
Night falls swift and deep
High up on the shingle hills
It’s time to go to sleep



Long shadows on a blanket, white
Laid silent from a still, clear night
Harsh lying in the morning light
Cold against my brow

Iced fingers on a shimmering morn
Crystals on the covered lawn
Stark reminder, chilling born
The winter with me now



Wordplay is a marvellous thing
Finding ways to rhyme
It needs patience and vocabulary
And occasionally time

Syllabic sequencing is key
For some words just don’t fit
They need to flow right off the page
Needing humour, yes; and wit

Punctuation is important
But I don’t let it bother me
I want the words to do their thing
For the reader, don’t you see?

Thematics, they don’t matter much
(You can write ’bout anything)
It’s more important that the end result
Should make one smile and sing

So I’ll often read aloud the words
I’ve written when I’m done
For it’s important that they work for me
And give you, the reader, fun


Lucy’s gulls

I felt disinclined to write today
Not sure why that should be
For there’s plenty going on around
Just nothing that grabs me

The one thing I keep thinking of
Is a photo published by
a friend on FaceBook earlier on
which made me smile and sigh

It was one of seagulls in the sun
Flocking overhead
So rather than write more today
I’ll publish that instead



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