The Ice Hotel

Fashioned from the snows of old
The Ice Hotel is jolly cold
Upon the chill its fame is sold
Enter in if you be bold


The inspiration for today’s little ditty originates from the ‘Poets Corner‘ WordPress blog. The challenge – to simply write a poem about The Ice Hotel. Open each year from December through April, The Ice Hotel is built from snow and ice taken from the River Tome in Jukkasjarvi, Northern Sweden. The whole hotel and most of its furnishings and fittings is made entirely from ice and maintained at an average temperature of minus 5º Celsius. It has a bar and restaurant, bedrooms for 100 guests and a chapel.

Pea Soup

Visibility almost zero
I can barely see the green
I know it’s out there somewhere
For it’s oft where I have been

Strange how unfamiliar
Things become on foggy days
I know this is the way to go
Despite this strange malaise

Nothing’s where I expect it though
The tree line’s disappeared
I’m beginning to walk aimlessly
And get lost just as I feared

But then, all of a sudden
The trees appear in front of me
Their ghostly apparition brings
A little clarity

My path remains uncertain
This pea soup thickens still
But there’s promise there before me
Strengthening my will

Resolve puts best foot forward
‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day)
A metaphor from Sussex hills
To help me find my way


Bridget Riley

Saw Bridget Riley in the rain
In Worthing yesterday
Vertigo remembered
What more can I say?

These boring street-life objects
We pass by all the time
Given just a little zest
If not to say, sunshine


I expect it’s the same all over, but artists in my neck of the woods (Sussex, UK) have taken, over the last few years, to decorating telephone exchange boxes and the like, found in our streets, with all sorts of strident themes. We started off with a bunch of cassette tapes but this is the first Bridget Riley(esque) one I’ve seen. The Vertigo reference is to the record label. Not known for sure who designed the centre labels used – but it’s long been credited back to Bridget Riley. 

Ringing Sussex

Today we walked from Ring to Ring
beneath a winter sky
The sun shone bright despite the threat
of rainfall by and by

Plans long laid, fruition saw
a walk unlike no other
With smile and gusto two men went
friends yes, but also brothers

Cissbury came and Cissbury went
rain followed sun with thunder
But in between the blue skies came
and Chanctonbury wonder

Thirteen miles of Sussex hill
more on the morrow too
The weather promising much less rain
and maybe sunshine too.


A dog’s life

It’s quiet at home with just us four
And the background radio station
The dogs they listen when we chat
But it’s a one-sided conversation

They don’t say much but when they do
It’s really loud and barky
And we don’t get a word in edgeways
With all of that malarky

Most of the time though they just sleep
And live the life of Riley
‘A dog’s life’ as the saying goes
We could accept entirely


The ever there

Hidden in your moving green and grey
I see your missing smile
But, braced against the salt-sting blast,
Calm will return a while

You change. but with eyes closed
That sweet, familiar taste
Reminds me of sultry summer days
Beneath this winter waste

Loosing myself in your expression, I see change
But it matters not to me
Fickle it may be, yet your promise there
Reminds me of what you are, the sea


Long weekend

Took a long weekend off as I needed a break
Spreadsheets can go take a hike
I’ll have a walk on the beach, say hello to the sea
Or go for a ride on my bike

Started off Thursday with a daughter in tow
To Tescos where I got a new book
‘The Taxidermist’s Daughter’ for only eight quid
It’s by Kate Mosse so go take a look

And now, as the weather has turned for the worse
We’ve donned slippers and put up our feet
We’ll watch some TV, have a read for a while
And later on have something to eat

It’s been a good start to my five-day break
But nice to think there are four more to come
It’s good now and then to find some respite
Let your hair down and simply have fun


Senior Moments

Save me from senior moments
They are getting worse and worse
So before I lose the plot completely
I’ll write some down in verse

This morning, prime example
And perhaps one of the best
I got up when my alarm went off
Got washed and shaved and dressed

Went down to make a coffee
Have some breakfast, use the loo
Then noticed from the kitchen clock
That it was only half past two!

And there are other things I’m doing
(or not, as case may be)
Little instances of forgetfulness
Or sheer stupidity

I left the book I’m reading in the fridge
My keys, still in the latch
And went out wearing slippers
When I had a train to catch

But the other day, to cap it all
I looked an utter berk
As I walked straight past my house, you know
On my back home from work

I quite like these senior moments though
As they take place along the way
Because they each provide a giggle
To help brighten up the day


Shoreham Airport

Shoreham Airport’s terminal building
The oldest in the land
Is getting a new makeover
To make it fresh and grand

It’s 1930’s facade fell into
a terrible state
With peeling paint and cracks in walls
But soon it will look great

Stavers Tiltman will be proud
Of his Art Deco creation
England’s oldest licensed airport and
a credit to the nation


The Shoreham Aviation Ground started in 1910 just 7 years after the Wright brothers first flew in 1903. Situated on the flat coastal strip of land on the South Coast of England between Brighton and Worthing, the aerodrome was officially opened on 20 June 1911. The first flying school was established in 1913 and, on 13 June 1936, a beautiful Art Deco style terminal building, designed by Stavers Tiltman, was added.


Apparently it’s morning

The night is pitch, it’s raining hard
It’s not exactly warm
Apparently it’s morning but
I see no sign of dawn

The train that’s just left Shoreham
Is packed full with soaking people
And it’s just turned ten to six a.m.
By the clock on the church steeple

Yet peering out the carriage window
Out there into the gloom
I see a parting of the morning clouds
And the whiteness of the moon

So it looks as though the rain will pass
And although not yet begun
The day becomes more promising
With the emergence of the sun


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