Mary Rose

Warming cockles with a Costa
Down in Portsmouth, on the quay
HMS Warrior, through the window
Sally, Holly Ann and me

Not many people here today
They’re mostly shopping with a moan
Suits us three fine as we now have
The dockyards mostly for our own

Juxtaposed, the old and new
Frigates glimpsed from Victory’s bow
But here more for ancient wanderings
And the Mary Rose right now

First time I have seen her dry and
Without seawater spraying in
Reveals the glorious size of her
A warship built just for a king

A tudor rose in more than name
She is a beauty to behold
Those ancient salvaged timbers
Telling stories never told

And outside now as sun reigns down
Cold from a winter sky
I am thankful for this special day
Deep satisfaction with a sigh




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