Angel wing wishes

Challenged to a ‘bucket list’
Thought, “that’s a good idea”
So here’s a little list of mine
Repeated for you here

In no particular order
these are my top ten things
that I would really love to do
before I get my angel wings

Pompeii and the Parthenon
I have already seen
Both were on my bucket list
But to both I have now been

France’s Languedoc region fascinates
It’s history calls to me
Exploring caves and castles
I’ve long wanted for to see

Further distant are the pyramids
The great wall of China too
More history of the ancient kind
Both I’ve longed to do

I’d like to live somewhere really hot
A Greek island for a while
For the sunshine is a friend of mine
And always brings a smile

I want to see each of my four children
As successful as can be
With lives full of enrichment
Born from pure vitality

And a published collection of my verse
Would be absolutely great
For when done I could recite it
As I’ve started to of late

I’d love an AC Cobra, polished chrome
And cobalt blue
It’s always been my dream car
A thoroughbred and British too

Then at two thousand seven hundred
and ninety five long miles
Walking the England Coastal path
would take me quite a while

But I think I’ll have time to fit it in
With all the other things
That feature in this list of mine
Before I see those angel wings


The inspiration for this poem came from ‘Dream big; dream often“. 


Being home

Found my way to Finchley Central
On the Northern line
Bitter cold in London town
Where I’ve travelled to this time

Been doing that a lot these days
Seen much of England’s land
Some bits fairly miserable
Other bits quite grand

It’s tried so hard to snow today
But has mostly come as rain
Doesn’t bother me that much
As I’ll soon be home again

Think I might stay here a while
Breathe in the fresh sea air
Rest my bones and revel in
Being home and being there


Steel Grey

Mirrored under morning sky
Steel grey silent waters lie
Cold and motionless are they
Heralding a winter’s day

Reflected under morning sky
Blue and fragrant waters lie
Cool and freshening are they
Heralding a springtime day

Basking under morning sky
Undulating waters lie
Warm and welcoming are they
Heralding a summer’s day

Storm-filled under morning sky
Swiftly moving waters lie
Windswept and exciting they
Heralding an autumn day


Whiling away

Took a trip to Mordue’s
North Shields in Tyne and Wear
Rather rude I thought to not
So I bought an Amber beer

Caught a Metro down in Jarrow
But I’ll not be walking down
Three hundred miles, tad far for me
To get to London town

Sat a while at Central Station
Had a coffee, wrote again
Whiled away an hour or so
Whilst waiting for my train


In October 1936, with the Shipbuilding industry in severe decline,  207 workers marched from Jarrow to Westminster in London, a distance of over 300 miles, to lobby Parliament against unemployment. It became known as “The Jarrow Crusade”

Midnight lights

If truth be told
At past midnight
Newcastle is
an awesome sight

The bridges there
On River Tyne
Magnificent in
this silent time

Bright lights with
no-one to see
Quite spectacular
just for me

So I’ll record them
with this frame
and in this verse
will give them name


Four thirty-five AM

Four thirty-five in the morning
Everyone still fast asleep
But I’m up and awake and ready to go
As I have an appointment to keep

I’ve a long way to travel to keep it
I’ll be on a train ’til midday
But by then I’ll be in Newcastle
Some five hundred miles away


In my own footsteps

Took a walk on Southwick Beach
On a bright blue winter’s day
Across the locks at harbour’s mouth
Where ships at anchor lay

So many times those years ago
I came here as a boy
So returning now five decades on
Is something I’ll enjoy

Time stands still for no man it’s said
But here it’s much the same
As my memory of those halcyon days
Returns me there again

So following in my footsteps
I retrace the paths I took
Always good to sometimes go
And take another look


Soup – haiku

An artisan loaf
with beer and warming soup
cannot be beaten


Beeching’s Blunder

Later on tonight
With a beer to boot
We brothers meet
To plan a route

Another walking
Week in May
Just over twelve miles
For each day

Along where once
Steam engines sped
But Beeching in
his blunder shed

A footpath where
Once tracks they lay
Now known as
Downslink Bridleway


Following a report written by Dr Richard Beeching in 1965, around 5000 miles and 2,363 stations of branchline railway in the UK were axed. A way of life ended and the lifeline to hundreds of villages was cut off forever. All in the name of progress. Now, over 40 years later, many of the axed line routes have since reopened as footpaths and bridleways. The Downslink is a 37 mile footpath and bridleway linking the North Downs Way in Surrey with the South Downs Way in Sussex. My brother and I plan to walk its length in chunks over a week in May. Fortunately there are many pubs along its route.

Penguin Ralph – haiku

Penguin Ralph’s wetsuit
Protecting all his feathers
So cuts the mustard!


Ralph, a 16 year old Humboldt penguin has a rare condition which means he loses all of his feathers at once instead of over a few weeks. The surfing brand ‘O’Neill’ designed his custom wetsuit to keep him warm. 

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