Two ‘somethings’

I had two ‘somethings’, threw them high
watched them as they kissed the sky
Today was grey, but has been blue
and I’ve known it red and yellow too
First of summer here today
Though you’d never know from all the grey

The howling wind, the temperature
Still pretty low for time of year
But days they will be longer now
and lighter evenings do somehow
convey the sense that summer’s here
bringing warmth with smiles and cheer

I shouted then and laughed aloud
as I watched the sky with heavy cloud
For plenty have I in my life
Four loving children, lovely wife
A house I live in, close to sea
Two dogs that grow old gracefully

Two ears to hear the music play
that greets me almost every day
Two eyes to see the pleasures fill
a life complete but fuller still
So care not I that outside today
It’s fairly cold and prone to grey

For it’s April soon and that will bring
Some warmer days and cause to sing
And meantime the ‘somethings’ that I snare
I’ve thrown away with no more care
And I’ll laugh as they are blown away
on the back end of a winter’s day


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