Virtual eclipse
when overcast means it just
gets dark for a bit


(Today- Friday 20 March 2015 – the UK experienced its first countrywide solar eclipse since 1961. There’ll be nothing like this again until 2090. Only problem – complete cloud cover in Southern England)

Liverpool green

In the streets the Fab Four made famous
I came on St Patrick’s day
Green and revelry all around
Great views across the way

The Ship and Mitre for some beers
Great company and good chats
Then a venture into Liverpool
With Irishmen in hats

There was singing in the streets and pubs
and Guinness flowing free
The Emerald Isle, its presence here
on Merseyside with me


Sea as Sculptor

The hand of sea has sculpted
Man-made objects in its wake
And a long held fascination
Has inspired me oft to make
an image replicated of this
ever changing hand
Crafted by the movement of
the friction with the sand

In situ there, the beauty
Softened sculpted shape and form
Crafted by the movement
only nature’s hand has borne
I’ll take fragments as I find them
And give each one a home
The simple pleasure of retention
the greatest I have known



Ferring Gorse

Went for a wander on Mother’s Day
Down on Ferring Gorse
(In view of the chill if was quite brief)
But the beach looked nice of course

Took the dogs in their new coats
(They didn’t mind a bit)
Whereas we just shivered, watched the sea
Then got back out of it

Found a rock shaped like a skull
(Holly took it home)
Took some pics of dogs and stuff
And selfies on the phone

Breathed in deep the frigid air
Gazed out to the sea
Trudged a bit in the wet sand
Then home for cake and tea


Mother’s Day

Comfort as a reassuring smile
Soft hand upon my brow
Your smile, my calming influence
Remains still with me now

My firm handhold and always there
As I’ve fallen through the years
My solace and my fortitude
Drying all my tears

Loving and returning loved
As I have loved no other
My warming and my sunshine
My rock, my friend, my Mother




My favourite rhyming word is smile
One that I use ‘once in a while’
Though I’ve oft been told by craft or guile
That consistent use errs on puerile!

Far be it though for me to rile
As I want my words to cheer so I’ll
use ‘that word’ for form and style
with clever use of prose and wile


What’s your favourite rhyming word? Let me know by adding a comment below.

Sunshine is

Sunshine is
as sunshine does
with warm embrace
and all because
sunshine is
my saving grace
and always brings
a smile to face

Sunshine sings a happy song
Lifting me the whole day long


New growth (haiku)

Window to the world
Garden coming back to life
New growth blossoming


Memory’s wisdom smiles

In a blue suit that I hated
I threw a flower to the wood
And felt the chill of March around me
By that deep hole where I stood
Fifteen years I’d known him
But his shell was now below
Wondered how I’d manage then
As at the time I didn’t know

There were two holes on that lonely day
The one there at my feet
And the one his passing left in me
As I felt then incomplete
He’d been my friend and confidant
My angst he’d understood
He’d had the words for everything
As every father should

Yet, as I grew, his presence
Powerfully remained
And as the years passed ever on
His wisdom I retained
Now over forty years have gone
My own children all now grown
But I’d like to think his memory
To each of them I’ve shown

His fathers’ love I have passed on
Because that love it never ends
And as we were those years ago
My four and I are friends
His memory’s wisdom smiles
On grandchildren never seen
Stronger with each passing year
As it has ever been

And occasionally I’ll visit
That plot up on the hill
And though the headstone is now faded
His eye is on me still
Im my mind’s eye I can see him too
Time can’t take that from me
It’s a picture now embraced with smiles
And a treasured memory




I watched the sea
It did me proud
I smiled at it
then laughed aloud
The warming sun
bright in my face
upon this beach
my special place

It’s everything
and all of me
and I am whole
beside the sea
I laughed again
felt quite at ease
For I’m content
at times like these


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