Fraser’s House

Morning coffee ‘neath Art Deco
the world goes by outside
and I wonder what the towering glass
in Deansgate has to hide

Built in stone in thirty-five
Its Manchurian portico
has seen so many ages pass
and people come and go

‘Tho its grand design’s now fading
it has grandeur still to see
and as I sit with cappuccino
that fact’s not lost on me




Lying in it…

Guess I’ll just have to lie in the sun
then, ‘cos it’s out there and I am not
And it’s still the weekend and the next
few days look like they’re going to be hot

A heatwave we’re promised, humidity too
temperature up in the thirties
I’ll definitely be cycling to work each day
and wearing shorts and my summer shirties

And yes, lest you tell me, that’s not a real word
But I’ve used here the license of poet
Which does on occasion lend a hand with the words
that I need to fit in, don’t you know it

Back to the sun then and me lying in it
It’s the thing to do on a Sunday
‘Cos chances are that despite the forecast
It’ll be grey and raining on Monday


Our garden

Our garden at this time of year
is a lovely sight to see
Most things here are in full bloom
and it’s a peaceful place to be

And I have dogs that like to wander
and dogs that like to roam
and just like me they love it here
for this is their garden home.


Wonderful view

Vibrancy of morning
attracts me again
as westwards I travel
on another train
Over the river
reflecting the blue
a fleeting glimpse
of the Shoreham sea view
Then through the green
of the open flood field
at the southernmost point
of the fine Sussex Weald
Victorian houses
of the coastal towns
beside the sea under
the rising South Downs
I’ve said it before
but these words remain true
as I’ll never get tired
of this wonderful view.


Forty winks

Caught myself some forty winks
or maybe thirty-nine
I wasn’t really counting
as I was snoozing at the time
However, it was just enough
to recharge my tiring mind
Close my eyes and drift away
relax, and just unwind

Doesn’t matter where I catch them
It can be ‘most anywhere
In fact, sometimes they even
creep up and catch me unaware
Suffice to say that forty winks
taken as a little nap
is quite often all it takes
to refresh a weary chap



Wasn’t really concentrating
But caught a movement there
at the corner of periphery vision
Almost unaware
I really might have missed it
and very nearly did
for I wasn’t really looking
as it snuck in there and hid

In fact, now I come to mention it
I’m not at all sure now
that there was really something there at all
and I’d imagined it somehow
Perhaps I was mistaken
I’m sure that’s now the case
another senior moment
now quite commonplace



Yesterday as I waited
in a hotel’s busy lobby
writing a new poem which
’til now has been a hobby
A thought occurred and took good form
as a proactive pre-condition
to publish a collection
as has long been my ambition

I’ll still use my social media
and my Jemverse blog of course
For the joy of writing daily
is best released at source
But research now for outlets
in the e-world and elsewhere
is a need I feel I must fulfil
as I have much to share



It’s not the most attractive view
But the sunshine doesn’t care
For it beams on me regardless
When at home or out elsewhere

Earlier on it was in Telford
Up in Shropshire, far away
Whilst I waited from my train to come
At the end of a full day

I had a pint of golden ale
which was going down a treat
and I found a corner in the sun
with a comfortable seat

I had about an hour to kill
which suited me just fine
As it was great to sit there and relax
in lovely warm sunshine


Beauty triggers


As I watched a golden sunset
fade with an ebbing tide
a solitary tear tricked from
the corner of my eye

Triggered by the beauty there
emotion found a way
to channel something of the joy
experienced this day



Summer Solstice Father’s day
longest daytime too
Sunshine brought the magic
for this middle day of June

We sort of played some golf
and hit some balls around
But they went in all directions
mixed with laughter sound

We’re really not that good at it
but that doesn’t matter much
‘Cos it’s all about the fun we have
not the game itself as such

Summer Solstice Father’s day
It’s all about the fun
Spent with my four children
’til the longest day is done


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