A hot cup of tea

Do you ever get days
When your mind’s not in gear
They come along sometimes
Once or twice in a year
You can’t settle to anything
Concentration’s a chore
And you can’t really remember
What your day was all for.

When this happens I think
the best thing to be said
is that, given the option
you’d have stayed in your bed
But as that thought often comes
retrospective to plan
You’re just left with the choice
to do what you can

Smiling works wonders
But be careful there
As the people around you
might get worried and stare
Safer instead to
think happy thoughts
And keep true to yourself
When you’re all out of sorts

And I guess the best thing
To keep firm in mind
Is that it’s never that long
to wait to unwind
For no matter how troublesome
the daytime might be
It’s much better at home
with a hot cup of tea.



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