The summer of me

When the morning air welcomes
From a night time that’s done
And the wind has died down
Giving warmth to the sun
And the sea’s a flat calm
Now the new day’s begun
The summer of me lives again

When the air is as crystal
And there’s barely a sound
With the dawn’s heavy dew
Still fresh on the ground
And the day lies there’s quietly
As it wants to be found
The summer of me lives again

When the hills of fair Sussex
Are yellow and green
Painted there in bright colours
At the best I have seen
And the blue of the sky
Is a deepening sheen
The summer of me lives again

When the ocean I love
Mirrors skies overhead
And the waves whisper back
Every word that I’ve said
And the shingle reminds me
Of the life I have led
The summer of me lives again

When all of these things
Come together to show
What life is about
For those in the know
And envelop me in their
Comforting glow
The summer of me lives again


Photo – Sussex Downs – Jempics


Weatherman’s a fibber

It’s not supposed to be raining
‘Cos the man on the TV last night
Stood there and pointed to sunshine
And said the day would be lovely and bright

He’s a fibber and I hope he is sorry
For spoiling our plans for the day
For we’d hoped to be sunning ourselves again
And not stuck inside with dismay

I don’t understand clouds that cover the sun
Why can’t it just rain at night?
For on days I am off what it is that I need
Is an accurate forecast that’s right


All Mine

Etched like an engraving
the sight of the sea
is something I carry
always with me
‘Cos it’s inside my head
that’s where it’ll stay
Safely where no-one
can take it away

It’s mine and all mine
more precious than gold
a treasure to carry
as a young man grows old
For I am all of the sea
and the sea’s all of me
And as long as I live
that is where it will be


Obi’s Ears

We have a dog called Obi
came to us on fourth of May
He really is a lovely chap
and loves to have a play
He has ridiculous ears
they’re his redeeming feature
Even though they’re quite enormous
for such a little creature.


‘Obi’ (full name Obi Wan Kinobi) named because he came to live with us on 4th May 2015 – ‘Star Wars day’ (‘May the 4th be with you’) 

My calming

I went down to the shoreline
on a summer’s late eve
one thing on my mind
to find some reprieve
The calm, lapping waters
invited me in
so I paddled a while
and developed a grin

And the sun-kissed sand
was warm to my feet
so it didn’t take long
to again feel complete
By and by though, come sunset
I said goodbye to my friend
the ocean, my calming
on whom I depend


A song for me

Four gulls on a roofline
three in a row
and all of them calling
to me down below
Their words as a choir
in sweet harmony
said a myriad things
of what it is to be free

It was if they had gathered
to sing me a song
and give a smile for the day
as I hurried along
I knew that was the case
as no-one else was around
Just the gulls on the roofline
and me on the ground


Encouraging the sun

Fragile and fleeting
a delicate sun
Kissed a few flowers
and then it was done

Hiding behind
a dark wall of grey
It bid me farewell
and was gone for the day

But I wasn’t having
any of that
So I frantically waved
and bid it come back

It took a few moments
being fickle of mind
But then the sun smiled
with a change of its mind

Fragility stayed
as the day was still new
But with strengthening there
as through grey I saw blue

I pointed this out
with a well chosen word
And the rays they grew stronger
as though it had heard

Blue sky returned
the grey went away
And the sunshine came back
and decided to stay




A treasure in my garden
left over from the rain
Fortune paid a visit
and little diamonds came
Reflected in the sunshine
of a morning new and bright
Bequeathing there an opulence
from rain that fell last night


My Gallery

Last night the moonlight painted
Translucent streaks across the sky
Such was the beauty of that sight
I felt moved enough to cry

And this morning sunlight painted
a splash of blue between the grey
Adding tiny flecks of yellow there
to emphasise the day

A gallery where every day
a painting hangs anew
Each one with myriad colours there
for my own private view


First Lavender

First lavender cropped and in a box
on the kitchen table
Sweet and heady perfume aired
as only it is able
My lavender harvest looking good
A bumper crop this year
Exuding fragrance all around
and filling all with cheer


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