The Weald

Up on the ridge of the South Downs in Sussex
the view is especially fine
And the good thing for us is that it’s really quite close
So we’re up there time after time

You can literally see for miles upon miles
To the North Downs across Sussex Weald
Divided by hedgerows and dotted with trees
Around many a bright coloured field.



All I could wish for

Went for a walk ‘neath some gnarly old trees
The sun filtered down on beams through the leaves
with the beginning of Autumn there to perceive
All I could wish for is here.

Breathed deep the fresh scent of autumnal air
Saw the turning of leaves in all the trees there
with the zest and the colour of nature’s true flair
All I could wish for is here.

Trod paths clad with underlay of soft loam and peat
Prepared and made ready by long summer heat
for the carpets to follow to make them complete
All I could wish for is here.

Felt the power of the sunshine there on my head
Dappled corridors of brightness ahead of me led
as content, I reflect on the words I have said
That all I could wish for is here.


Autumn’s voice

Amidst the green in the valley
was a splash of bright red
Heralding change with
leaves yet to shed

With voice of the Autumn
the colour stood proud
For it has much to say
and must therefore be loud


Driftwood Treasures

With a band of rain drifting
from out over the sea
The beach is quite empty
just the ocean and me
It’s an autumnal rain
quite refreshing and warm
So I’m back at the beach
which for me is the norm

I’m here for a purpose
new driftwood to find
Searching the tideline
with sculpture in mind
For at home on the mantle
there’s a place where I thought
That something I’d made
would better one bought

So I’ll find a few pieces
washed clean by the sea
Dry them out and then craft them
into something lovely
And when done it’ll fill
the space and remind
us all of the treasures
on the beach that we find



If I could follow summer

If I could follow summer
when it leaves around this time
I’d have my bags all packed and ready
and would be the first in line
For the chance to feel the warming sun
on my face throughout the year
Would be simply marvellous
and would sure to bring me cheer

But then I know I’d miss fair Sussex
and the changes that it sees
with all the autumn colours
in its many woodland trees
And though I’d sooner do without the cold
it looks so magical in snow
And if I followed summer
I’d miss out on that, I know

So I’ll dig out my woolly jumpers
and bid farewell to summer now
Applauding from the audience
As she takes her final bow
For there’s so much to look forward to
in the colder months ahead
Before the springtime comes back round again
when winter days have fled

Yes, I could follow summer
and feel warm sunshine every day
With no need for jumpers, hats and scarves
to keep the cold away
But really, if the truth be told
I quite like the weather here
As there’s so much variation
at the different times of year



In the daytime, in the forest
I saw a star up in the trees
High up in the leafy green
Filtered through the leaves
I guess it was quite dark in there
with not a lot of light
So the day could be forgiven
for thinking it was night

But I of course knew better
as it was still afternoon
And the star so bright above me
had arrived a little soon
For though it really was a star
We know it as the sun
A ‘starsun’ for these few short lines
Poetic license spun


As summer passed by

The sun cast long shadows
so low in the sky
And the equinox came
as summer passed by
It’s radiance glowing
the sun retained strength
warming the soul
in days with less length

The autumn made entrance
with gusto and verve
A bright day of sunshine
to settle the nerve
Appropriate the parting
with cloudless blue sky
A moment to cherish
as summer passed by


Autumn the wise

In the woods I saw a curtain
hanging from a tree
Really quite significant
It said a lot to me
It spoke of changing seasons
standing side by side
when youth makes ways for wisdom
and Summer turns to hide

The red was of the Autumn
standing next to green
An older man, the next in line
as it has always been
And I smiled at that analogy
for it was so full of truth
The wisdom of the cooler months
and the warmer ones of youth


Stopham Bridge II

An afternoon at Stopham Bridge
near Pulborough in the the sun
is quite the perfect thing to do
when a long week is done

Mirrored in slow waters
the bridge’s ancient stone
reflects the peace around this place
which I have always known


Summer’s Swansong

Sunshine through the leafy green
Autumn waiting in the wings
But Summer still has centre stage
Just listen as she sweetly sings

A song that’s sure to bring us hope
of more summery days to come
When with faces upward looking
we feel more of that warm sun

And yes I know this is the swansong
and will soon fade right away
But I’ll live here for this moment
and enjoy the sun today


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