My stalwart sea

Everyone needs a stalwart friend
There in times of need
and happiness and sorrow
and excitement and pain
and joy and fulfilment
But most times, simply there

I have such a friend
The silent and powerful type
Always listening, always there
Never a word spoken
But many thousands said



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  1. Wendell A. Brown
    Nov 07, 2015 @ 10:44:22

    Beautiful Jem, so do I also have the same friend!….

    You Are The Thought

    You are the thought my heart is keeping
    with the passing of each new day
    You are the dream I keep while sleeping
    to please my heart while in bed I lay

    You are the lasting joy which shows itself
    in the glow which always alights my face
    You are the grace that lives deep within
    which will never find itself replaced

    You are the only One I am fully loving
    when in my spirit I hold Your love close
    You are always the one I deeply long for
    when I speak of the One I need the most

    For Your love I find supplies my every need
    as I awaken each morning from my sleep
    And I find as I embrace Your selfless love
    In my heart and spirit I am made more complete.

    In the morning i always look to the sky and I am inspired to write, your picture , and poem reminded me of this poem…thanks for the blessing!

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