On the last day of the year

From Beeding Hill I saw the sea
a silver band of light
the winter sunshine glistening
It was a lovely sight

The clouds above were full of rain
but with blue sky in between
a panoramic spectacle
amongst the best I’d seen

And as twenty-fifteen faded
on the last day of the year
the sight of my beloved sea
filled my heart again with cheer




The Promise

Walking up on Truleigh Hill
between two banks of rain
sunshine bright around us
and a promise made again

A rainbow high up in the sky
and also down below
appearing right in front of us
iridescence all aglow

It really was quite wonderful
a harlequin carefree
walking up there on the hills
my wife, my dogs and me



Waiting II

Precarious position
he sits there patiently
waiting as the world outside
passes by him silently
Entering his twilight years
his hearing lost to time
he may be going senile
but his eyesight is just fine
And although he’s slowing down
he knows his people still
so always waits for their return
by the front room windowsill


Song of the sea

Bold the seagulls’ cry
reminds me of the sea
just a short walk away from home
waiting there for me

Strong the oceans’ call
I can’t ignore for long
brings me back to its embrace
woos me with its song

Deep the sea as friend
respected all my days
it’s vast expanse mysterious
in all its subtle ways




Burning quietly in the night
a single flame flickered
reminding me in its yellow glow
of a distant place
where memories linger
soft in the warm whimsy
of a cathartic embrace.
And, cocooned in this
delicious sequence
the dove-cote doors of sleep
carried me gently away


White Rose

Delicate white
fold on fold
what mysteries
do your petals hold?

Full of promise
your silken heart
speaks of promise
and fresh start

Beautiful rose
your call to me
speaks softly of
your majesty


Here’s to Christmas

The concrete sheep have reindeer ears
in Shoreham where they’ve been for years
There are shiny bikes out in the street
and dogs in jackets looking sweet

The paper mountains ripped and torn
revealed their gifts on Christmas morn
And smiles on faces match the glee
that comes with this festivity

This is a lovely time of year
One for sharing with good cheer
And as it’s Christmas here’s to you
I hope yours is simply lovely too


Compliments of the season

Winter’s warming finally here
with cinnamon and sage
a promise to fruition
comes swiftly to assuage
Laughter’s distant echo
growing louder all the time
to compliment the season
in its presence here, sublime
It’s what we all have longed for
our waiting is complete
patience as a virtue
rewarded, we’re replete


Anticipation II

Anticipation lies waiting
as excitement grows
from the ends of my fingers
to the tips of my toes
And though all my children
are all grown up now
the magic’s stayed with us
and is stronger somehow

It’s particularly precious
for this year that has been
as all six of us share
Yuletide twenty-fifteen
We’re all ready and waiting
anticipation at bay
for the joys that will come
on this Christmas day


My Lavender

My lavender hides a memory
deep within its scent
One of when the days were warm
and full of good intent
It’s a fragrance steeped in whimsy
which conjures up a smile
as in these winter days I breathe
its aroma in a while


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