Carpe Diem

There’s nothing much better
than when under the weather
you start to feel well again
and come back together

The coughing and spluttering
disappears and takes flight
and it’s quite wonderful to get
a full sleep at night

Awakening refreshed
‘Carpe Diem’ in mind
You’re yourself once again
with life out there to find


Promise III

And in these last few days
in the evening of the year
as Yuletide festivities approach
and we are in good cheer
There’s a brightness in the darkness
the glow of the new dawn
when, with the promise it will bring
a brand new year is born


Cold Christmas

Can I ask your indulgence for just a mo?
and to picture a scene with me?
It’s cold and it’s started snowing
And down there, close to the sea

There’s an empty bus shelter and an old cardboard box
And a man on a bench looking grim
Do you remember that day when you were shopping in town
Can you not remember him?

You parted with your cash at the drop of a hat
But ignored the one placed at your feet
And now whilst you are at home in the warm
He shivers alone on his seat

What do you think will his Christmas be like?
Will he know any goodwill or cheer?
Will he even be round long enough to see
Another Christmas alone next year?

It’s a sobering thought, I am sure you’ll agree
So spare one for those on the streets
The homeless for whom when Christmas time comes
Means no presents or laughter or treats



A precious thing, the word ‘release’
the art of letting go
finding freedom in the simple things
and practice going slow
Breathing deep the fresh sea air
to capture perfect bliss
Relaxing in these moments
seeing life for what it is



These bright city lights
with gossamer sheen
In Newcastle
where I have been
This morning dash
with good intent
these months I’ve spent
And this resolute yet
misty day
could change it all
in every way



Four colours

White for the winter
Spring gets the green
Yellow for summer
Autumn gold we have seen

My palette has colour
ready for me
One for each season
to reflect what I see

A canvas presented
throughout the year
Four colours chosen
to make everything clear



Morning braved the day

Morning braved the day
and cracked a feeble grin
painting in the eastern sky
a band of yellow, thin
Maybe, it said, the sun would shine
but it couldn’t hide the grey
which said much more that this would be
another rainy day
I wasn’t all that bothered though
and gave the day a knowing stare
smiling in the knowledge that
it had good intentions there


We dream of yellow

In the gun-metal grey of midwinter
When cold grips vice-like
and, huddled in blankets
we stay cocooned in the warmth
of a fruitcake and hot tea afternoon
and dream of yellow


Rhythmic (chained haiku)

Rhythmic, the sea moves
Back and forth across the beach
Waves upon the shore

Rhythmic, the waves move
Back and forth across the sea
Breaking on the beach

Rhythmic, the beach beats
As a drum upon the shore
Music from the sea


The first step

No hesitation here
No holding back
A firm foot forward
There’s nothing I lack
No niggling doubts
No worries or lows
No fear of unknown
No concerns and no woes

Anticipation abounds
Excitement and glee
The thrill of the moment
Encapsulates me
So my best foot goes forward
I am not mistaken
I have made the right choice
With the path I have taken


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