I am the one in four

I am the one in four
leaping through the years
My letters match my value
unique, so it appears
I’m the plus one to three six five
my invitation rare
Tagged on as February twenty-nine
a tetrad seldom there


Sunshine in my garden

Sunshine in my garden
and yes, it is a little pale
There’s not much warmth there at the mo
and its strengths’ a little frail
But green shoots are there with promise
that the Spring’s not far away
when the sun will be much stronger
with more light to every day
And then I will be out there
soaking up that sun
and revelling in the summer heat
’til every day is done



The sea and a secret

Tall master in the Albert dock
at rest on Merseyside
I wonder where her keel has been
in oceans far and wide
Her rigging whistling in the wind
sails tied down and furled
She’s keeping that a secret
from an unenlightened world
But I’m content to wonder
and imagine summer breeze
when with full sail she proudly meets
the waiting open seas


A day with the fab four

For a moment today I went back in time
and stood with four Liverpool chaps
John, Paul, George and Ringo too
whilst tourists around me took snaps

Later on I met Eleanor Rigby
In a street as she sat all alone
Cast in bronze for all time by Tommy Steele
on a bench not of wood but of stone

Then down in the dark Cavern Quarter
I paused for a while by a door
and took a picture of the original entrance
once frequented by the famous fab four

But then it was time to leave sixty three
and come back to twenty sixteen
departing Merseyside history
where today for a while I have been


Every turning tide

Broken by the ocean’s hand
the old lady of the beach
stretches out a long green arm
the sea, once more to reach
Strewn with captured flotsam
from every turning tide
her aged woodwork fractured
she leans now to one side
But she has stood for many years
and there are many more to come
in service as a sea defence
before her days are done


Kissed by moving water

Kissed by moving water
gentle, sometimes strong
shingle moves the shifting sand
to the ocean’s song


In the eye of the beholder

Discarded flotsam on the beach
brought in by the seas
Left in crevices, caught on rocks
blowing in the breeze
Nets and ropes and driftwood
Nature’s sculpture shared
captured on a fragile beach
intrinsic beauty there
This gallery, this tactile form
on view for one and all
Changing with the moving tide
at its every rise and fall



We have a favourite restaurant
we go to from time to time
It serves the most amazing food
and a lovely glass of wine
It’s close by and walking distance
so it’s just a little jaunt
Making Brio’s down in Shoreham
a perfect family haunt


Beside the sea

I watched the sea
it did me proud
It roared at me
I laughed out loud
The sun was warm
bright in my face
on Shoreham beach
my special place

This everything
this all of me
this being whole
beside the sea
I laughed again
and felt at ease
For I’m content
for times like these


The warmth of the sun

For the briefest moment
behind winter’s veil
I felt the warmth of the sun
It was something I welcomed
with arms open wide
As it felt as though spring had begun


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