A trip to Lewes

Took a wander round Lewes
thought that would be good
Had a beer at the snowdrop
and some rather nice food
Browsed some antique shops
dodging the rain
Through the Clarice Cliff price tags
were bad for my brain

Still, I’m hoping that one day
ignoring the price
When my children are rich
one of them will be nice
and buy me a plate
or maybe a bowl
For my birthday one day
(at least, that is the goal)

Clarice Cliff to one side
I found an old map
for a couple of quid
from a rather nice chap
Dates back to the forties
I think, give or take
But it makes for a particularly
special keepsake

Then, browsing all done
it was time for a cuppa
and a snack to go with it
as too early for supper
The cafe was loud
with lots of folk talking
so it wasn’t that long
’til we were out again walking

The afternoon sun though
was warm in our face
Adding there to the pleasure
we get from this place
We’ll be back again here
be that sooner or later
As Lewes for us
can only get greater


See also: “Lewes” (28 August 2015) and “Ouse (Lewes)” (1 August 2014)

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