47 bells

We sat under the Carillon
In the summer sun
Been a while since we’ve been here
Yet there we were as one
There wasn’t a recital
today, yet all the same
It was good to see it in the park
and be here once again
And though the bells, all forty-seven
stayed silent in the tower
It was great to sit there and relax
in the sunshine for an hour


Loughborough Carillon Tower & War Memorial, was built after WW1 to commemorate the men of the town who gave their lives. Unique in Britain, it is the only purpose built carillon tower. It has 47 bells.


The class of ’81

We all got lost in Loughborough
couldn’t find our way around
But then it has been quite a while
since we all lived in this town
Nothing looked familiar
No landmarks did we see
It really was confusing
(How hard could all this be?)

But then we saw the college
Across a car-park, lurking there
and with instant recognition
we were suddenly aware
Recollection flooded back
with memories of when
as fledgling teenage freshers
we came to Loughborough then

The ceramics room looked just the same
though it’s thirty-five years since
we were last in these clay-splashed walls
(the mere thought made us wince)
We found our halls of residence
though the gardens were much smaller
With parking space provided now
where once the trees grew taller

Then later on we shared a beer
in a pub which we recall
Looked pretty much the same today
and hadn’t changed at all
Much like the class of eighty-one
Laughing all the way
Friends now for a lifetime
on this really special day


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Road trip

We’re off on a road trip to Loughborough
for a reunion with all of our pals
It’s been thirty-eight years in the making
so will be great to see all the gals

We have music all sorted and sweeties
The tank has been filled up with fuel
And we’re setting off in early morning
so the weather will start nice and cool

It will be great if the sunshine stays with us
but if it rains we won’t really care
for the excitement of this reunion
Is the reason that we’ll all be there


See also ‘The Class of ’81

Mock Orange

The mock orange in my garden
has blossomed now it’s May
And its fragrance is abundant
at any time of day
Especially of an evening
when it fills the air with scent
And I stand there for a moment
Breathing in with good intent


Ten thousand

Walked ten thousand steps today
recorded on my wrist
Still need to get my head round that
but I think I’ve got the gist
An early birthday present
tracking fitness on my phone
Syncing all by Bluetooth
where my progress is then shown

I love this new technology
it really is the best
Recording everything I do
when active or at rest
Tracking calorific intake
and calorific burn
Balancing one against the other
with every step and turn

And although it’s still quite new to me
with less speed and more of haste
It seems that I’ve already lost
some inches from my waist
So long may this continue
exercising will be fun
Especially if as a result
I get a svelte-like tum!


The early birthday present was a ‘FitBit Alta’ wristband (in case you’re wondering).

Because I can

Took a walk to Goring beach
(the sunshine said I could)
Because I can and truth be told
if you were me, you would
A crime to stay tied to a desk
when just two miles away
is something quite as wonderful
as this breathtaking bay
The picture says it all I think
The beach, the sea, the sun
So at any opportunity
It’s this way that I will come



Substance & Zest

It’s lovely to feel
the warmth of the sun
at the start of a day
which has barely begun
It bodes well with promise
of good things to come
when the sun stays there
’til the day is all done
It’s a sustaining tonic
to lift and uphold
Bright, warm and lovely
an orb of pure gold

And at the start of the summer
when I awaken and live
I know that its strength
has much more to give
The power of the sunshine
at its very best
keeps me happy and hopeful
with substance and zest


Tranquility here

The spider had babies
so I re-potted those
Then sat in the sunshine
for some thoughtful repose
It was peaceful and quiet
Tranquility here
Alone with my thoughts
and the sun and a beer
My garden, my haven
It’s a great place to be
Sitting here in the quiet
and just being me


For the love of a good walk

Amberley to Washington
is around about six miles
There’s one particularly nasty hill
and several gates and stiles

It commands some simply marvellous views
when you get up to the top
and it’s only three hours walking
to the pub where you will stop

We thought it would be good to do
as it’s a favourite walk of ours
Along the South Downs Way again
in just a few short hours



The yellow road

Metalled by the Romans
on top of Bignor Hill
We came across the yellow road
heading homeward still
Mostly blue sky overhead
with tiny flecks of grey
The sunshine on the yellow shone
to show us both the way

At the hill crest we saw Houghton
with Amberley behind
A welcome sight for hiker’s eyes
for body, soul and mind
It meant we had walked fifty miles
along the South Downs Way
Covering half its distance
by the end of this fine day


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