Houses for Eeyore

Down the hill from Butser
in the bright sunshine
to the ancient woodland there
heading for a climb
A forest that has been here
for a millennia at least
providing a dark canopy
atop a visual feast

Hiding palaces for Romans
beneath its leafy green
and occasional downland glimpses
through the trees and in between
There were houses there for Eeyores
as sunbeams filtered through
And in amongst the birdsong
we heard our first cuckoo

The trail led on and upward
as we left the trees behind
Heading down to Harting
Copper Beeches there to find
A respite from our walking day
at the bottom of the hill
A recharging of the batteries
as there’s lots more walking still


For more coverage of our South Downs Way walk, check out ‘Fifty Miles‘, Old Winchester Hill‘, Big Sky‘, ‘Into Sussex’ and ‘The yellow road

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