A month of flowers

June has been a month of flowers
with a new poem every day
There’ve been a few old favourites
and some surprises on the way

I’d like to think I’ve added
a ‘je ne sais quoi’ type thing
A spark to brighten up your days
with the pleasure flowers bring

‘Yellow’s’ been there several times
And my favourite by far
– the fragrance and the beauty
of my English Lavender

It’s been something of a challenge
but with thirty poems written
My ‘flower’ series is complete
(So I trust you’re duly smitten)

July begins tomorrow though
and Jemverse is here to stay
So please continue reading
because I’ve plenty more to say


Flowers in St James’

The end of June, St James’ Park
first thing in the morning
London’s just awaking
and most people are still yawning
But here the sun is shining
and there are squirrels out at play
Whilst early morning joggers
pass me panting on the way
The flower banks on Birdcage Walk
are full of colour, and the light
especially at this time of day
make for a lovely sight
It’s enough to bring a smile
as I wander through this city
Just a shame that I am here for work
and not for pleasure, more’s the pity


Beach blues

Took myself for a walk on the beach
for an hour at lunchtime today
There were seagulls out there sunbathing
and blue flowers on display

The Sea Lane cafe was buzzing
with folks having tea in the sun
There were people out walking their dogs
who were all on the beach having fun

And I smiled as I saw this whilst walking
a five mile circle today
With the seagulls, the sea and the shingle
and the blue flowers I saw on the way


Anyone for tennis?

Today sees the start of Wimbledon
lawn tennis in the sun
Thousands flock to London
to experience the fun
And typically English
by the ton these next two weeks
With cream poured by the gallon
will be strawberries in peaks
So I thought it was appropriate
to show a strawberry flower here
in the hope that in the next two weeks
the weather will stay clear


Apple blossom promise

We have a little apple tree
which grows bigger by the year
Its starting to sprout blossom
but no fruit has yet appeared
No matter, for its flowers
show that it is biding time
before producing apples
which I’m sure will taste just fine

So I’m really looking forward
to a summer when we’ll see
Little apples growing
on our little apple tree
For then come Autumn’s shadow
we will harvest every one
And celebrate first tasting
born from days of summer sun

Perhaps we’ll make a little wine
or a cider if you please
Or maybe apple chutney
to eat with winter cheese
But that time it still has yet to come
as we have yet to see the show
From the apple blossom promise
that some fruit’s begun to grow


Bringing colour

Pushing up with vigour
bright in winter beds
Cyclamen bring colour
raising pretty heads
And I’ll never have the words
to exemplify this spread
So here’s a picture of them
which I bring to you instead


The Elderflower Song

Heavy scent floating in the air
with sunshine after the rain
The music echoes with a sweet
harmonious refrain
Daisy-like the clusters sing
the Elderflower’s song
and breathing deep the fragrance
I hum and sing along


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