Knapweed the Greater

I have a bolthole on the beach
and you’ll often find me there
Gazing at the open sea
oft with a pensive stare

There are flowers on the shingle
Knapweed is one of these
Purple in the summer months
and a favourite for bees

They say it is the greater
and it stands with poise and grace
wearing purple on its regal crown
by the ocean in this place


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  1. Russ McDowell
    Jul 24, 2016 @ 14:08:13

    Jem is a pseudonym
    For a Gem of Poetry
    I adore the poem
    About knapweed
    And how it spreads phenomonenaly
    We have such a weed in Canada
    On the west coast in Victoria, B C

    It’s attributed to the Scots
    Who brought broome and haggis
    Two dreaded items
    Both the demise of me

    Another thing the Scots gave us
    Are bagpipes used to warn enemies
    Of approaching armies
    I insist they take them back
    And not leave them in the colonies

    A large SASE is a solution
    That I suggest will handle the load
    Let’s send them back to Scotland
    And hope the envelope will hold.

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