Routemaster No.5

I saw a little London bus
on a table for a pound
At the car boot sale down on the Rec.
just waiting to be found
It’s been played with many times before
an original Matchbox toy
Something I was chuffed to find
for it’s sure to bring me joy

It’s just a little London bus
a Routemaster number five
A little scratched but pretty good
for sixty years alive
And it will now be treasured
and will see more years I’m sure
Providing pleasure yet again
as that is what it’s for


Matchbox is a popular toy brand which was introduced by Lesney Products in 1953, and is now owned by Mattel, Inc. The brand was named as the original die-cast Matchbox toys, which were sold in boxes similar in style and size to those in which matches were sold. The Routemaster No.5  London bus is part of the original 1-75 series produced between 1953 and 1957. So my little bus is at least 59 years old!

A cracking way to start the day

A cracking way to start the day
riding along the beach
The sea deep blue reflecting sky
and there in easy reach

Part of me would love to stop
jump in and have a swim
But I really need to get to work
and get some hours in

Having said that, it will not be long
before the time will come
When I can get back here again
beneath this gorgeous sun


Life is a wayside flower

Saw a little wayside flower
growing right there in the street
Finding just enough moisture
to prosper down there at my feet
It seemed like a really fine testament
to all that life truly means
For there’s always beauty to be found
Where and whenever it seems
So here’s to wayside flowers
as the metaphor is clear
For every time you need a smile
some beauty will be near


Windy days


Wind in my hair
and wind in my face
It’s blowing me round
and all over the place
It’s fine in the morning
when I’m rested and fresh
and great in the evening
when I’m needing a rest
It’s good for kite-surfers
out there on the sea
And for gulls on the tide
when they’re fishing for tea
In summer it’s lovely
as it’s usually warm
and prevails from the south
completely to form
But don’t get me started
on what it does when it’s cold
For that makes me shiver
and begin to feel old


When swans fly

When swans fly it is with grace
sustained with effort there
Slender necks streamlined in flight
elite and debonair

When swans fly I stand in awe
and marvel at the sound
made with their happy whooping cry
the sweetest song around

When swans fly I find myself
laughing loud with joy
Exquisite in these moments shared
since I was just a boy

When swans fly their majesty
transfers from ground to sky
As below so too above
with beauty as they fly


Photo – Roisabborrar, DeviantArt, 2015

Shiny Shiny

Shiny shiny
the river today
as slow to the sea
it ebbs on its way
On the footbridge I pause
and soak up the sun
on this wonderful morning
as the day is begun

It’s a marvellous thing
shiny moments like these
at the height of the summer
with a southerly breeze
Shiny shiny the sunshine
so bright in the glare
reflecting on water
and beautiful there


A passionate discovery

In life I have two passions
which, I’m pleased to say
I’m blessed, as I can oft indulge
in each ‘most every day
One (you’ve guessed) is writing
as these words attest right here
Something that I love to do
and in my life hold dear

The other one is music
Most genres satisfy
And there’s always something playing
as each day passes by
I’m always after bargains
in record shops around
As there’s joy in a discovery
of something new I’ve found


For example, just the other day
when adding to the mix
I bought a forty year old album
pressed back in seventy-six
And there inside the sleeve I found
a provenance most apt
A ticket from the year itself
to see the very act

It really is most wonderful
finding things like this
A kindle to the passion
and addition to the bliss
So as I listen to the music
I will capture words to say
Something of the pleasure
I have experienced today



In my gift

Time spent on the beach
where there in my short reach
I can but learn and teach
As it is in my gift

Time spent by the sea
a place I love to be
where oft I am quite free
For it is in my gift

Time spent with a thought
to verse it can get brought
be it long or be it short
When that is in my gift

By beach and sea words come
in time with the warm sun
to verse when that is done
As this is in my gift


This one composed as part of the ‘One syllable poem challenge‘ on Poet’s Corner.

Riding with seagulls

I’m riding with seagulls
down here on the beach
as they fly alongside me
just out of reach
It’s like swimming with dolphins
just as wonderful and
the only change is that
I’m still on the land

I’m riding into the wind
and I’m laughing as they
swoop all around me
on this fine August day
It’s a marvellous feeling
and one you should try
Just cycling along with
the gulls as they fly


Cycling to work yesterday morning, I passed a stretch of open beach. As I did so, several seagulls took to the wing and flew alongside me into the wind and mere feet above the shingle. They stayed for a hundred metres or so and then flew out to sea; just enough time to laugh aloud and revel in a very special moment. I wish I’d had a head-cam to capture it, but the memory will stay, as will these words.


I was minding my own business
walking through the park
In very early morning
having risen with the lark
Seems I was not the only one
up at that time of day
As there were many squirrels
passing by me on the way
One chap in particular
A feisty little fellow
caught my eye as if to wish
a cheery greeting ‘hello’
So I reciprocated as one does
as that was only right
Before he scampered off and soon
had disappeared from sight


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