Flower – haiku

Flowering passion
Flowers satisfy passion
Passion in flowers


2 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Three Lines’ event – 7 haikus for 7 days

Waves & Laughter – haiku

The bigger the waves
the louder my shout becomes
Laughing on the shore


1 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘3 lines’ event; 7 haikus for 7 days

Harry Potter

Last night we all met Harry
or at least where he was made
after J K Rowling’s books into
the movies were relayed
Up to Leavesden we all drove
north of Watford town
where the Warner Brothers studio
holds the Harry Potter crown
The six of us together
the family complete
for an evening full of magic
as a very special treat




Cast in yellow pools of light
night shadows on the beach
Wooden breakwaters stand tall
robust against the Reach
Mysterious, the water calls
quietly from the shore
as lapping waves just out of sight
return again once more
The sweeping bay, the shingle slopes
the lights along the coast
This peacefulness, this solitude
as the ocean plays the host




Several thousand poems
yet I still await the one
Illusive, it’s beyond my reach
although the words still come

The lines still form, the craft remains
the pen is never still
I capture life, I write it down
and never have my fill

Somewhere out there are the lines
that every poet seeks
A perfect recreation of
a mind that never sleeps

So I’ll always write , it’s all of me
and part of who I am
Crafting words to poetry
for life because I can

And those unreachable illusive words
the ones I seek to find
are my spur for ever onwards
as I write what’s on my mind


Midnight Inspiration

Midnight petrichor
The earth calls me to her
and night-time takes me there
Sometimes my best words
come in the small hours
when I should be deep in slumber



Surrounded by red
Rubies more precious than gold
Such treasure have I


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