Argostoli Bay

Part 17 of 20 in ‘The Aegean Shores’ series

Walked up Antoni Tristi
on the wall beside the sea
Watched the turtles playing
as they swam around quite free

Had an ice-cold beer
close to De Bosset bridge
Admired the soaring mountains
and the pine trees on the ridge

Watched boats on Koutavos Lagoon
looking for turtles, they
But all the turtles were with us
In Argostoli Bay


Argostoli (Greek: Αργοστόλι) is a town and a former municipality on the island of Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece. Turtles swim freely in the Koutavos lagoon in the bay, although on 17th August this year (much to our pleasure), most of them seemed to be out in the bay itself.

[This is part 17 of a 20-part series charting a seven-day cruise with Tui from 11-18 August 2017, travelling from London to Corfu, then Kalamata (Greece), Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Piraeus (Greece), Kefalonia, Corfu and London, some 3,870 nautical miles]

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