A splash of yellow (revisited)

3 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘Yellow’ series

As Sussex leans towards
the winter months to come
My garden’s seeing less and less
of bright and warming sun

And yet a splash of yellow
by the path I spied today
Reminding me of summer
in a very special way

That little flower will give me
something precious to keep hold
as the winter comes to Sussex
and it starts to get quite cold


Photo – Jempics

A splash of yellow was originally published on Jemverse on 15 October 2015

Yellow II (revisited)

2 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘Yellow’ series

Yellow things are mostly there
to serve as a reminder
the fact that summer’s almost here
and is going to be a blinder!

There’s yellow in those daffodils
that arrive in early Spring
and yellow in that forsythia
with all the joy it brings.

There’s yellow in the sunshine
midst the cloudy days that pass
and yellow in the buttercups
and dandelions in the grass

There’s yellow all around me
A summer smile for every day
So I’m really looking forward to
the warmer yellow born of May


Photo – Jempics

Yellow II was originally published on Jemverse on 29 April 2015


Mellow Yellow (revisited)

1 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘Yellow’ series

Fortunate fellow
Sitting in yellow
Feeling quite mellow
Rains come
Howling winds bellow
Rising crescendo
To diminuendo
Then… sun


Photo – Jempics

Mellow Yellow was originally published on Jemverse on 15 July 2014



A poet through and through

And now at last it’s quiet
Just the ticking of the clock
and the humming of the fridge
Little here for me to knock
So before I climb the stairs
and get the rest my body needs
My pen must get to paper
as some inspiration pleads

A few more words to capture
how I’m feeling at this time
sitting here at ten o’clock
to write a little rhyme
It’s part of what I really am
a poet through and through
So when the need write is there
I dare not that eschew


Photo – ‘A poet through and through’ in the making, January 23 2018 – Jempics

Music in mind

Each month with new music
I’ll chop and I’ll change
and the playlists I use
I will oft re-arrange
So I’m grateful for i-pods
with music in mind
as with buds in my ears
I can always unwind


Photo – Jempics


Flowers in vases
Splashes of colour
Reminds us in winter
That sometimes it’s summer


Photo – Jempics

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