Holiday IV

We’re Adriatic sailing
Be gone for several days
Hiatus from the Jemverse vibe
Whilst he’s out on the waves

But whilst he’s out there cruising
He’ll be scribbling away
Writing poems for you good folk
to read another day

So even though these pages
will be quiet for a while
They’ll be back here in September
with more verse to bring a smile



The long sunset

A perfect end to perfect day
sitting on the beach
Watching the long sunset
with a beer in easy reach
It’s hot here in the sunshine
with shadows lengthening
Anticipation’s growing
of what the end will bring

There’ll be golds and reds and purples
Pinks and yellows in between
for this spectacle of nature
and the best that I have seen
The sea’s a perfect millpond
So as the evening draws a bead
I’ll sit and watch whilst waiting
for it to take the lead

Some beach huts are still open
Firesmoke drifting on the breeze
so I’m content to stay here
with the sun warm on my knees
It’s not long for the waiting
The curtain call is due
When evening of another day
with sunset will ensue



What is it that’s conducive
to a poet’s mind?
The impetus that’s needed
before it can unwind?
That moment inspiration
into words flow from the pen
and beauty spills to paper
to catch the moment when…

…it truly crystallises
and time’s completely right
to capture life in essence
when a moment is in sight?
I struggled with that concept
though a poet through and through
As I could never really tell
when that moment would accrue

But I’ve come to the conclusion
(as I write of brighter things)
those moments come when I am in
a place that really sings
A place that makes my soul shine
brings contentment edged with zest
As when I’m there I realised
my writing’s at its best

So it’s all about the soulshine
wherever that might be
Although I really have to say
that’s often by the sea
For here I’m in my happy place
my soul shines when I’m here
So it is pretty safe to say
that poetry will be near


Everyday haiku

Brightening the glow
Summer knows no boundaries
Every day the sun


Like diamond (haiku)

Light fills my garden
Yellow into golden here
Shining like diamond


Too hot for the beach

It’s too hot for the beach I think
so in the garden I will stay
relaxing in the sunshine
on this August Saturday

It’s closing in on ninety
and though cooler by the sea
the thought of walking down there
is a bit too much for me

So I’ll sit here in the sunshine
with ice lollies close at hand
and see more of this summer
which has turned out so grand


Heat (haiku)

Sunshine glows golden
The summer of August shines
and heat continues


Beauty to find

Poets gather words
to harmoniously craft
and beauty to find



Around the fireside, family
A summer evening spent
sharing food and drinking beer
and general merriment

The embers glow with flicker bright
A focal point to share
This was contentment, rarified
for everybody there


Simply Because

And again I found my way back to the beach
the sun enticing me there
Peeled back the wearisome stab of mundane
to a world without worry or care

The sound of the sea in a brisk August breeze
caressed and soothed as it does
Bringing me back to the place I belong
here in Sussex and simply because…


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