Summer in mind

A patch of wild flowers growing
in the churchyard yesterday
Reminded me that summer
wasn’t all that far away
And yes, I know it’s over
by the chill that’s in the air
Felt now come the mornings
seen by coats worn everywhere

And yet these little wonders
caught on camera for a smile
Serve as a reminder that
the sun brings us meanwhile
Beauty never disappears
It’s always there to find
And though the warmth has left us now
it’s summer in my mind



Last of the sunshine days

I’m sitting here hoping that I will be wrong
that this day in September will be
The last of the sunshine, the last of the warmth
in this place that I love by the sea

It’s October next week, the Autumn is here
but the warmth I am feeling today
is more like the summer I love and adore
and I’d rather have that I would say

The beach is a diamond, the sun on the sea
shining like never before
And me in my element sitting down here
so close to the Sussex sea shore

So I’m hoping the words of the old Mountain song
“Last of the sunshine days”
will be something I say several more times this year
in more of this late summer haze


‘Last of the sunshine days’ is the final track on the 1974 album ‘Avalanche’ from American rock band ‘Mountain’

Stars III

Yellow, I see them
and myriad colours more
Jewels in the night sky


Stars II

Across the dark void
Brightening the light sparkles
And here is the voice


Stars I

As stars like diamonds
Gathered in a darkened sky
Night became as day


My Favourite Place

Silver on a glistening sea
Sings its sweet refrain to me
as I relax here blissfully
in my favourite place

Seagulls flitting on the shore
as silent waves come back for more
Applauding for a long encore
in my favourite place

Sun shines warmly in the sky
as summer passes slowly by
and tears of happiness I cry
in my favourite place


Shower (haiku)

Caught, I am running
to find shelter beneath trees
Raindrops from above


Raining haiku

Soft, warm and gentle
getting wet doesn’t matter
as the water falls


Precipitation haiku

Soft pitter patter
Summer rain falls from the sky
Fragrant petrichor


The Poet’s Gift

Beauty in
a little verse
Never sad
and never terse
Words to cheer
and bring a lift
All within
The Poet’s gift


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