The solitude of morning
as another week awaits
Contentment in this quiet time
completely satiates
And with poetry completed
I am ready for the day
My soul shine out there to the fore
to greet what comes my way


Photo – Jempics

Sleep II

I’m working on the premise
that something soon will change
and when I’m least expecting it
A move to rearrange
will catch me by surprise one day
and the dove-cote doors will close
cocooning me in slumber
from my head down to my toes

It’s taking its sweet time mind you
so I hope it won’t be long
for this burden is quite wearisome
and I’m not so very strong
But when it comes I’ll tell you
Relief will be the thing
And though I will be miles away
in all my dreams I’ll sing


Photo – Jempics

What Saturdays are for

Brunch on a Saturday
Fried eggs and bacon
Flat white on the side
if I’m not mistaken

Here with my girls
for something to eat
as it’s nice to begin
with a special treat

Shopping trips later
The Woodstore I think
and Poundland for soap
for the bathroom sink

And we’ll also of course
with a smile on our faces
find a few bargains
from charity places

Then a little bit later
back home for some tea
with a chocolate biscuit
and a film on TV


Photo – Jempics

Sunshine have I

No. 1 of 8 in ‘The sunshine series’ from Jemverse

On a train as I travel
at the start of a day
There was a bright sunrise
but now it is grey
There may well be rain
from the overcast sky
as the train speeds me onward
and we hurry by
But I’m not bothered much
as I’ll always have sun
to hold and remember
as each day’s begun

And whether it rains
or whether it’s fine
the sunshine I have
will always be mine
As I carry it daily
A treasure to hold
An unparalleled wealth
more precious than gold


Photo – Jempics

[‘Sunshine have I’ is the first in ‘The Sunshine Series’, starting on Jemverse on Tuesday 22 January 2019]

Tri-Tanka III (light)

Yes, it is morning
But time clings to night time still
and my pen falters
Caught between a moment there
the clarity hides behind

Daylight hides away
Its face obscured by darkness
and my pen falters
Unsure of the words that come
and can their truth be trusted

The beauty shines through
A small pink of light lurking
Confident my pen
Finds the words and hold them true
as a torch in the darkness


Photo – Jempics

Moments of sublime

I went walking on a hilltop
though I wasn’t really there
And then I was beside the sea
with toes in water bare

I went climbing on a mountain
though it was I think a dream
As really I was looking back
at places I had been

Photos captured on my Mac
of memories in time
Providing for nostalgia
for moments of sublime


Photo – Jempics


Sir Basil Fawlty lived a life
as full as life can be
For almost eighteen years
he was within our family

A little border terrier cross
he was peace personified
Hardly ever growling
until the day he died

And ‘tho we all will miss him
we know he’s in a better place
Romping round in heaven
with that smile upon his face


Photo – R.I.P Sir Basil Fawlty (May 2002 to January 2019) – Jempics


I saw the end of the tunnel
It shouted my name
So I ran to the light
and found freedom again

And breathing in deep
that heavenly air
I shouted out loud
and laughed without care


Photo – Jempics

[‘Breathe’ is dedicated to all asthma sufferers]

The dance, the drum

Sometimes when no one is watching
I will dance around my name
with a loud drum always banging
which never sound the same
Yes, it’s always rhythmic
but the pattern’s one of change
Its signature and syntax
quite often rearranged

Synonymous with freedom
My name just like my drum
is one that’s good to dance to
for me and everyone
So as life brings me the rhythm
likewise I sam set free
and the dancing it continues


Photo – Jempics (the drum in the rear of the picture – the one with a pink boa – is mine with me playing it. A bottom surdo as a part of a mass ‘Encontro’ in Brighton back in 2001).

Water rings spreading

Water rings spreading
wider they grow
at the fall of a pebble
after a throw

And my hand falls slowly
down to my side
as concentric they fade
on the flat water wide

Like a rumour or whisper
they dissipate now
as my voice it is carried
with them somehow

Water rings spreading
grow as they fade
and new echoed wisdom
is silently made


Photo – Jempics

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