1 of 12 in “The bucket list” series from Jemverse

A bucket list of things to do
in places round the world
Ours we started years ago
with several now unfurled
So with this little series
thinking back to some of these
I’ll take you on a journey
which I hope will thrill and please

Pompeii was a favourite
Treading streets of cobbled stone
Two thousand Five in August
when, a long long way from home
we walked around the city there
this really special place
rescued from antiquity
since its tragic fall from grace

Roman dwellings there in situ
a snapshot caught in time
From bakers shops to cafes
and distilleries for wine
Painted plaster on the walls
mosaics on the floor
Columns reaching to the sky
amongst the things we saw

We were only there for half a day
but the memories it gave
were enough to last a lifetime
to treasure and to save
And they amongst the others
we’ve picked up along the way
I’ll share in this short series
in a poem every day


Photo – Pompeii, August 2005 – Jempics

“The Bucket List’ series features the following:
[1] Pompeii (190904)
[2] Paris (190905)
[3] The Parthenon (Athens) (190906)
[4] Rhodes (190907)
[5] Santorini (190908)
[6] Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK (190909)
[7] Jublains (France) (190910)
[8] Venice (190911)
[9] Lands End, Cornwall, UK (190912)
[10] Korcula (Croatia) (190913)
[11] Parc Guell (Barcelona) (190914), and
[12] Stone Henge, Wiltshire, UK (190915)


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