The Parthenon

3 of 12 in “The Bucket List” series from Jemverse

The Parthenon up on the hill
overlooking Athens city
Part of the Acropolis
in ruins (more’s the pity)
But there for two millennia
plus five hundred give or take
it’s looking pretty marvellous
for its age make no mistake

And it was high up on our bucket list
until we visited to see
the grandeur of its marbled walls
my soulmate, Sal and me
Greece is I’d say a favourite
as this series has to show
for several ticks its taken
from the list I’ll have you know


Photo – The Parthenon, Athens, Greece, August 2007 – Jempics

“The Bucket List’ series features the following:
[1] Pompeii (190904)
[2] Paris (190905)
[3] The Parthenon (Athens) (190906)
[4] Rhodes (190907)
[5] Santorini (190908)
[6] Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK (190909)
[7] Jublains (France) (190910)
[8] Venice (190911)
[9] Lands End, Cornwall, UK (190912)
[10] Korcula (Croatia) (190913)
[11] Parc Guell (Barcelona) (190914), and
[12] Stone Henge, Wiltshire, UK (190915)


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