Welcoming the gold

There’s a nip in the air
but the door’s open wide
and I’ve yet to feel chill
when sitting inside

There’s still colour out there
and the green’s yet to fade
as though it was hoping
that summer had stayed

But there’s no denying
the autumn’s now here
So I’ll welcome the gold
with gusto and cheer


Photo – Jempics

4 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. utahan15
    Oct 07, 2019 @ 17:30:15

    red and orange
    yellow and green
    what a scene!

    Liked by 1 person


  3. JanBeek
    Oct 07, 2019 @ 22:26:00

    May as well welcome it. It’s here to stay for awhile – – – and then the crisp evenings, cold nights, and frosty mornings turn the gold to brown and soon the gold is gone to crunch under hurried feet.

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Jem Croucher
    Oct 08, 2019 @ 05:40:36

    Absolutely. Besides – it gives me the excuse to get my very colourful and warm winter coat out again.



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