Magnificent II revisited

5 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series

Long shadows with October
the days dawn cold and bright
and the sunshine in the eastern sky
provides a gorgeous sight
Glinting on the water
and magnificently gold
Rising over Shoreham beach
to the river in the cold

And it really would be nothing
short of a crime for me
not to stop and take a photograph
for you good folk to see
My words don’t do it justice
but a picture never lies
So here you have it, golden
right there before your eyes


Photo – Jempics

Magnificent II‘ was originally posted to Jemverse on 12 October 2016

Sunshine & wild ponies revisited

4 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series

Walking through the forest
I spied ahead of me
open fields and sunshine
and ponies running free
Some turned around at my approach
ears cocked as if to say
“Good afternoon to you upon
this fine October day”

I nodded an acknowledgment
politely as one does
for out here this is their domain
so its only right because
Here in the New Forest
they have the right to roam
for this has been for many years
their private English home


Photo – Jempics

Sunshine & Wild Ponies‘ was first posted to Jemverse on 24 October 2016

Another autumn day revisited

3 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series

A clear Autumn day, not a cloud in the sky
A mist that lies lurking like a child’s forlorn cry
A walk in the morning when no-one’s about
When a whisper is special. ‘cos you daren’t risk a shout
A broken old caravan, a cow in a field
A dog that likes running for Frisbees concealed
A field that is covered with a crisp, sparkling dew
A feeling of freshness, when everything’s new
A field of dry stubble that’s been burnt for the year
A farmer out walking (we’re not meant to be here)
A last throw of the Frisbee, then back on your lead
And home to make coffee and you then to feed


Photo – Jempics

I wrote this one just over 36 years ago on 1st October 1983. It’s all about ‘Jackie’, our first dog, with us for 18 years from early 1983 through mid-1999. ‘Another autumn day‘ was first posted to Jemverse on 1st October 2014.

A walk in the woods revisited

2 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series

Dappled sunlight filtered through
the green tunnel up ahead
as carefree there we wandered
uncertain where it led

Not that we were bothered
for we cared not for the time
on such an afternoon as this
with autumn weather fine

The crunch of fallen leaves beneath
our feet as there we trod
with the perfume of October
from the chalky Sussex sod

The dogs frolicked in the undergrowth
and barked at passers by
as we walked on through the sunshine
underneath a cloudless sky

The forest beckoned deeper
but alas we couldn’t stay
though it will always be there
when we return another day


Photo – Jempics

A walk in the woods‘ was originally posted to Jemverse on 14 October 2015

Summer in late autumn revisited

1 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘October’ series

Looking down to Stanmer House
across the open field
You’d be forgiven for mistaking
the day to be from summer’s yield

Long shadows of late evening
from a warm and balmy day
Sometime in early summer
Perhaps at the end of May?

But no, this is October
with November closing in
Long shows of mid afternoon
with Autumn in full swing

Yet here we are in shirtsleeves
with the sun warm in the sky
No gloves or hats are needed
as we amble slowly by

Perhaps this is a rarity
but there’s no complaining here
For these days of Autumn sunshine
will always bring good cheer


Photo – Jempics

Summer in late autumn‘ was originally posted to Jemverse on 28 October 2015

Wapping Wharf

Spent a day in Bristol
down on Wapping Wharf
via St Mary Redcliffe
and a Wild Rock beer or course
There weren’t too many tourists
so it was peaceful here today
in the city of my birthplace
where I had time to play

The cranes along the quayside
stand still like giants there
silent now and aging
with memories to share
It was actually quite cathartic
watching people in the rain
So I’ll be sure to visit more
and come back here again


The ‘Electric Cranes’, Wapping Wharf, Bristol (Photo Jempics)

Welcoming the gold

There’s a nip in the air
but the door’s open wide
and I’ve yet to feel chill
when sitting inside

There’s still colour out there
and the green’s yet to fade
as though it was hoping
that summer had stayed

But there’s no denying
the autumn’s now here
So I’ll welcome the gold
with gusto and cheer


Photo – Jempics


The luvvies at the Dome last night
were out in force and loud
But when the man came out on stage
were silenced by the crowd
He made us smile, he made us laugh
and tears were rolling free
the sold out house in unison
for this hilarity
A tour de force in every way
this swan song to the game
before he treads a different board
to give politics a name


Photo – The Guardian

The 2019 ‘Wunderbar’ tour is Eddie Izzard’s last before he goes into politics full time. He will stand for election as a labour party MP for the 2020 London mayoral candidacy. We caught the 2nd date of the Brighton leg of ‘Wunderbar’ at the Dome, a Christmas present last year from our youngest daughter.

Atmospheric 3

3 of 3 in a Jemverse mini-series

Looking eastwards cross the raging sea
grey clouds above the green
The beach at Lancing here today
amongst the best I’ve seen
That is, I’d say, for quite a while
so fortunate am I
as I can come and witness when
wind blows and waves are high
This beach, this shore in Sussex
wonderful throughout the year
Its glory never lost on me
when I am standing here


Photo – looking eastwards from Lancing Beach, Sussex, UK – Jempics

Atmospheric 2

2 of 3 in a Jemverse mini-series

The seventh wave was building
I watched it gather height
Like a monster lurking out there
with teeth and awesome might

The breakers just before it
when they broke upon the shore
slipped quickly back into the mire
before coming back once more

And then the monster tumbled
roaring loudly as it fell
Quickly reaching out for me
Quite angry I could tell

But I have been here often
and have grown to learn their guile
so sprang back safely out of reach
laughing with a smile


Photo – Jempics

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