Days gone by (Auld Lang Syne)

And so these few words
at the end of ten years
to wrap up a decade
of laughter and tears

We’re all ten years older
with the wisdom that brings
and we all must have seen
many wonderful things

Some which have brought us
joy and some gladness
and others some grief
and immeasurable sadness

And yet here we all are
as the twenty-teens end
looking forward as one
as family and friend

To another new decade
with all that is fine
as we all raise our voices
to the ‘auld lang syne’


Photo – Jempics


An ode to Autumn

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Pale-white shrinking golden glow
hovers over water slow
and morning waking slumber stays
as it peers slowly from the haze
Whimsy holds removed I see
a world at distance wistfully
as summer fades to distant glow
and cooler days I soon will know
A curtain call as evening falls
and summer into winter calls
Yet tangible with treasure hold
the Autumn swan-song bathed in gold


Photo – Jempics

An ode to Summer

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Momentum carries me forward
into the heat of the day
for a warmth that summer belongs to
with feeling mere words cannot say
It’s the season I always long for
Its comfort a tangible thing
Its presence to hold and cling onto
for a smile and a reason to sing


Photo – Jempics

An ode to Spring

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Winter’s grey-cast clouds have passed
and Summer’s child is here
to bring us hope and merriment
and fill our hearts with cheer
This child is full of freedom
speaking freshly of the truth
which every year around this time
gives nature’s hand its youth
Summer’s child will not stay long
but with a flair and fling
as seasons through the years have sung
for Summer’s child is Spring


Photo – Jempics

An ode to Winter

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Crystalline clarity out there today
in the treeline over the way
A frosting has covered the fields overnight
with beauty mere words can’t portray
So I’ll not waste them here but contented instead
I’ll quietly stand here for a while
and let Winter’s wonder embellish instead
that picture in mind for a smile


Photo Jempics

December beaches

On the beach a lone kite-surfer came
to brave December chill
as a wintry and forgotten sun
sat in a low sky still

Bright it was in yellow sky
and despite the brittle air
The beauty of that moment
was really special there

But then again, it always is
down on this Southern shore
as whenever we both come this way
we always long for more


Photo – Jempics

Lost and found

We lost the baby Jesus
for several years one time
‘Til Emily found him in a vase
one Spring, so now it’s fine
The nativity is whole once more
so at Christmas time each year
It finds its home upon the shelf
to bring its festive cheer
Its history helps keep alive
with provenance that tale
of the baby Jesus lost and found
which we each year regale


Photo -Jempics

Carols at Christmas

We all went up to London
to the Royal Albert Hall
Voices ready to sing loud
proclaiming Christmas call

The Philharmonic orchestra
was wonderful to hear
five thousaand people joining in
with rousing festive cheer

And the mexican wave was something else
all adding to the thing
this unique celebration gave
with carols there to sing


Carols at the Royal Albert Hall, London -21/12/19 – Jempics

Jolly japes and cheer

Today I guess if truth be told
I start my holiday
Christmas and New Year, two weeks
Hip Hip, Hip Hip, Hooray!
I’m quite relaxed but that’s just me
as with most happenstance
I’m always up for jolly japes
when given half a chance
Two weeks to celebrate the joy
that Christmas brings each year
When we as family as one
have jolly japes and cheer



Photo – Sally Croucher

Seven days revisited #7 (Sunday)

Underneath a
Awaken early?
You wouldn’t, would you?


This is 7 of 7 in a series from Jemverse originally published in July 2014

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