As a stranger

In this still dark morning hour
before the day has yet begun
by water still and icy cold
with absence of a warming sun
All is quiet so with tippy toe
by the canal I slowly tread
as signs of life on longboats close
dimly light the path I’ve led

And I am as intruder here
so quickly on my wintry way
I wend my path so resolute
determination for another day
For this is not my place and I
a stranger from a stranger land
with accent far from recognised
remove myself with pleasure and…


Photo – early morning on the canal at Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK – Jempics

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  2. D'lea
    Jan 30, 2020 @ 07:17:27

    Hours reading your words
    went cover-diving at 2a.m.
    took my device with me
    just two more pieces I said
    & perhaps I’ll dream
    of waking yellow skies
    golden sea-washed sand
    hear the sea gulls
    smell the salty air
    & say good-morning
    to a stranger walking
    on the shoreline there
    at Shoreham by the sea.

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  3. D'lea
    Jan 30, 2020 @ 14:23:23

    You’re welcome Jem. Your words are my pleasure & inspiration. Oh what a greedy grin flashed across my face when I saw how extensive your index was! Truth be told dear English poet, I’m musing you! With aloha, D’lea

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