The language of the sea

The short lapping waves come in then recede
incessant and gentle and free
They speak to me softly in whispering tone
what it is to be part of the sea

And I understand fully as this language I speak
having learnt it when just a lad
Its rhythm speaks wisdom of treasure to keep
which over the years I have had

It’s something I hold as it’s precious to me
spoken by waves that have come
Shouted in winter and whispered in Spring
and echoed in summer sun

Promises given and promises shared
in the language the sea has to give
Which in time honoured fashion remains with me still
and will for as long as I live


Photo – Jempics


A walk by the water

There’s a lot to be said
at the end of the day
for getting out for a while to the beach
A short walk by water
is just what we oughta
do as it’s there in our reach


Photo – Jempics

About a book from Venice II

This time last year I wrote about
a little book I’d bought
in Venice which I’d fully used
for poems as I ought
It was a lovely book so
when going back last year
I purchased two new volumes
to keep handy very near
For I am looking forward
to using them once more
and writing daily in them
which of course is what they’re for


Photo – Jempics

[About a book from Venice was published on Jemverse on 29 March 2019]

Lifting II

I’m thinking of a song I heard
one that brought a grin
for that is what I need right now
with the state I’m in
I’m trying hard, don’t get me wrong
and I know I’m not alone
as there are many others out there
who like me must stay at home
But it’s hard remaining positive
so I need a helping hand
provided by a favourite song
sung by a favourite band

For music has that special power
to lift when things are low
and bring you right back up to speed
when all around is slow
So I’m singing loud that song I heard
with the grin it brought to me
as that is what I need right now
for the lifting here you see
And I’ll keep right on singing loud
for everyone to hear
As in these troubled times a song
is bound to bring some cheer


Photo – Jempics

Simple II

I don’t ask for much in life
I’m quite a simple chap
Just music and some lavender
will content me, that’s a fact
So enforcing isolation
when we all must stay at home
doesn’t really bother me
and I’ll not gripe and moan

I’ve books that I can read again
and pens and lots of paper
for recording this adventure
with words about the caper
I’ve music I’ve not listened to
for quite a long time now
Forgotten on the shelf right there
and overlooked somehow

So these things I will rejuvenate
and enjoy them all once more
as whilst things remain uncertain
no-one knows what lies in store
We may find we will need to stay
at home for quite some time
But with all these pleasures waiting
that is absolutely fine


Photo – Jempics

[Written at the end of March 2020 when, in an attempt to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, UK citizens had been asked to stay at home, ‘social distance’ themselves and not go out unless absolutely needed].

Tri-haiku XXVII (sunshine)

In these troubled days
with my movement restricted
by Covid-19

I am resolute
that the sunshine will remain
and bring fortitude

It is my saving
Ever precious and constant
A true friend indeed


Photo – Jempics

Few trees

3 of 3 in the ‘Tree’ series from Jemverse

There are few trees up here but still
the view is quite breathtaking
so I don’t mind a bit because
it’s freedom in the making
On our doorsteps here but still
few people get this far
A mystery as up here the view
is quite spectacular

There are few trees but never mind
good people, here’s the thing
the vista that your eyes will see
will cause your heart to sing
For here there is fair Sussex
in its glory bright and green
which I can promise you is quite
the best that you’ll have seen


Photo – the Sussex Weald from Ditchling Beacon, Sussex – Jempics

From Three Trees

2 of 3 in the ‘Tree’ series from Jemverse

From ‘Three Trees’ on the Beacon
with sunshine in the field
the view is always wonderful
out across the Weald
As you can see for miles
to the hill line way up north
across the scattered villages
as clouds pass back and forth
This place it is idyllic
high up on South Downs Way
made better by the sunshine
on this lovely mid-March day


Photo – Three Trees – Ditchling Down – South Downs Way – Sussex – Jempics

As a tree

1 of 3 in the ‘Tree’ series from Jemverse

Though I am a poem
I am often as a tree
spreading wide my branches
to the winds and fancy free
Sometimes I am majestic
growing strong and very tall
and other times I’m minuscule
insignificantly small

But whether reaching to the sky
or staying close to ground
you can be quite certain
I will spread my words around
For there are many synergies
as I guess you are aware
between me as a poem
and all the trees out there

So I’ll not waste my breath on those
keep the obvious sublime
although if you really push me
I’ll maybe share sometime
For now though I’m a poem
tall in stature like the tree
sharing a few lines with you
about the things I see


Photo – Jempics

Mother’s Day 2020

My mother didn’t make it
to see my sixty years
when she passed away in May last year
amongst the smiles and tears
That saddened me (of course it did)
but it’s other times I miss
like the joy of giving flowers
on Mother’s Days like this
Yet the solace that I take away
from all the days I’ve cried
is the ever joyful knowledge
that she’s by my Father’s side


So on this Mothering Sunday
here’s to my Mum and Dad
from your eldest son the promise
that I’m joyful here, not sad
And though I’m now an orphan
in all I and do and think and say
as you walk there with the angels
I know you’re with me every day


Photo – Jempics

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