Masterpiece (revisited)

10 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

I stepped inside a masterpiece
with reds and oranges and
yellows liberally added
by Nature’s abstract hand

I didn’t know which way to turn
for there was wonder everywhere
so I simply turned in circles
to absorb the glory there


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Masterpiece‘ on 1 November 2015]


Revisiting the turning

9 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Turning now
the green will fade
to liquid gold
of Autumn shade
Past equinox
less sunlight hours
But warm enough
for many flowers

There’s colour here
to hold at bay
the looming months
of Winter grey
But turning now
the fading slow
as Autumn has
still much to show


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘The Turning‘ on 5 October 2015]

The falling (revisited)

8 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Intangible, there’s something
different in the air
Not too sure about that though
as it’s not, as yet, quite there
Some say it is the Autumn
knocking at the door
Yet today I felt the summer
coming back for more

Having said that, there’s a fragrance
feint upon the breeze
The sunshine’s lost a little strength
and there’s a browning to the leaves
So I guess it won’t be long
until the crunching time is near
When everything turns golden
at the falling time of year


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘The Falling‘ on 13 September 2015]

Revisiting Red

7 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

The creeper and the honeysuckle
Both are turning red
Just one more show of colour
Before off to winter bed

Red glow after sunset
Still heralds warming rays
But the sun is now more distant
So we’re set for cooler days

Red skies in the mornings
More common now I fear
As the autumn into winter
Settles in another year


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Red‘ on 4 October 2014]

Waiting (revisited)

6 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Flowers here, pinks and reds
Yellows, blues and greens
Along with trees all turning now
Autumn’s here it seems
It rains a little more these days
The grass is greener now
Recovering from the days of heat
And the sun that burned our brow
Shorter now and cooler
The days are drawing in
A time for quiet reflection
Before the winter can begin


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Waiting‘ on 13 September 2014]

Fading Green (revisited)

5 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Although the leaves are on the turn
And some are falling from the trees
It is summer I am feeling still
With its warmth upon my knees

The cooler days and evenings
That autumn soon will bring
Isn’t lost on me today and yet
It is to summer that I cling

The beauty of the reds and golds
With the fading of the green
Is Mother Nature’s swan song
To the summer that has been


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Fading Green‘ on 10 September 2014]

Autumn’s call revisited

4 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Pale white shrouding golden glow
Hovering over water, slow

Morning waking, slumber stays
Green peers slowly from the haze

Whimsy holds, removed I see
A world at distance, wistfully

Wished that it was me out there
Fancy free without a care

Yet from a window all I see
Is brick and concrete facing me

The golden glow still on these walls
But it’s from the hills that Autumn calls


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Autumn’s Call‘ on 28 September 2014]

Revisiting Autumn the Wise

3 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

In the woods I saw a curtain
hanging from a tree
Really quite significant
It said a lot to me
It spoke of changing seasons
standing side by side
when youth makes ways for wisdom
and Summer turns to hide

The red was of the Autumn
standing next to green
An older man, the next in line
as it has always been
And I smiled at that analogy
for it was so full of truth
The wisdom of the cooler months
and the warmer ones of youth


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Autumn the Wise‘ on 23 September 2015]

Revisiting Autumn Lovely

2 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Raining now and cooler
Autumn’s finally gotten hold
But there’s still a little warmth out there
and it’s not yet all that cold

Some days when the sun comes out
the summer I still see
Although the falling leaves from
every shrub and bush and tree
tell me that it won’t be long
’til winter’s brittle time
When everyone will dress up warm
even when it’s fine

But I’m far from disappointed
as this change is fine with me
Especially with the lovely things
that every day I see


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Autumn Lovely‘ on 5 November 2018]

Autumn revisited

1 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

As autumn takes hold
Summer fades to memory
with a tinge of sadness there

Yet with the autumn
the golden treasure returns
And we are richer for that


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse orginally published ‘Autumn‘ on 11 October 2015]

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