The Plan (part III)

I’ve carried the frames

one by one down the the road

as they were quite awkward

so, to lessen the load

I decided four hikes

was better than two

to get the frames there

well you would, wouldn’t you?

So now the plan gets

at last to part three

a no-dig solution

for Sally and me

Next will be cardboard

laid over the grass

followed by compost

‘cos digging’s a farce

And then all the plants

from small seeds we’ve sewn

and coaxed to fruition

in the sunlight at home

we can plant in our frames

and watch them all grow

as the Spring turns to Summer

and the frosty times go

By and by then part four

of this saga I’ll write

when the next chapter’s down

with fruition in sight

Then I hope that the picture

shows results in the making

with reward to us both

for the pains we are taking


Photo – Jempics

Part 1 ‘Back to the allotment‘ – 24 March 2021

Part 2 ‘The Plan (Part II)‘ – 18 April 2021


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  1. Riverside Peace
    Apr 24, 2021 @ 08:30:32

    Good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person


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