Decima I

For Jemverse this is long overdue
a 'decima' poem ten lines long
which captures rhyme in lines so few
and speaks of syntax in a song
which I as poet bring to you
No syllabic sequence here
but rhyming lines to be quite clear
which read together each combine
to aid the rhythm in each line
and culminate in this idea


Photo – Jempics

A big shout out here to Frank Hubeny for the idea and inspiration; I suspect there may well be more ‘decima’ poems from Jemverse.

Decima poems are ten lines long with a rhyming sequence of ABBAACCDDC


Soulshine II

Soul searchings' sometimes painful
as thoughts they come and go
but if the end result is such
to bring a warming glow
then you've done yourself a favour
as soulshine's what you need
to bring about a joie de vivre
and happiness indeed


Photo – Jempics

Sunshine returns

It seem to rain forever
and winter had returned
with cooler days and cruel winds
as Springtime warmth it spurned
But then as June lay waiting
there dawned a brighter day
with deep blue skies and sunshine
which I hope this time will stay


Photo – Jempics

A little chap

Took a picture of the yellow
in my garden as one does
'cos they really are quite lovely
so I snapped them there because
I thought they make a picture
to put up as a snap
so I was quite surprised 
to find I'd caught a little chap

Trotting up the garden
to say hello to me
as I took pictures on my phone
quite absentmindedly
But as it turned out here the picture
was even better than I thought
as alongside all the yellow
this little chap I'd caught


Photo – Jempics


Had a bumper crop of radishes
from our allotment, pleased to say
filled a big sack with them
when I picked them yesterday
They have a lovely pepper taste
and they'll make a tasty lunch
and I'm pretty sure they'll soon be gone
not certain, just a hunch


Photo – half the crop – Jempics

Painting Poetry

The poet wrote a poem
to capture what he saw
just a few lines of simple verse
to have and hold in store

As there will be those moments
when as Wordsworth said
vacant or a pensive mood
will be the thing instead

And then there is the pleasure
to recollect those lines
and rekindle just a little
of the moment and these times

For this it is the privilege
the poet has to give
with words just like a picture
to celebrate and live

And always may that be the case
especially for me
as words they are my colours
as I paint my poetry


Picture – Jempics (via ProCreate for iPad)

Little Things II

Big things they may never come
but little things are free
and all we have to do each day
is open eyes to see

Encapsulating all that life
gives each of us each day
to celebrate the little things
in every single way

And then, most like by happenstance
when big things come along
we're bolstered by the little ones
which help to make us strong


Photo – Jempics

This time last year IV

This time last year
the weather was mellow
and in spite of restrictions
a fortunate fellow
was able to cycle
out on the trail
as sunsets of gold
were made to regale

And in light quickly fading
a poem was written
to capture the moment
with which he was smitten
Words duly published
on Jemverse that year
which now I can read
to rekindle that cheer

But don't get me wrong
no lacklustre faced
optimistic as always
that time is released
by new wonders daily
for joy and for pleasure
which with recollection
I have for treasure


Photo – Jempics


Bendigedig (blessed)

My lovely wife, my children
My dogs both near and far
My music and my poetry
My lovely 'Duster' car
My beach hut by the lovely sea
My allotment down the road
My garden and my lavender
My Shoreham town abode
My health and my abundance
My happiness, my zest
My joie de vivre, my total joy
My bendigedig, the blessed


Photo – Jempics

‘Bendigedig’ is Welsh for ‘blessed’

Wolfgang Days

Picked up a Wolfgang
he came for the day
went back to Shoreham 
for gardens and play
whilst his Mum was at work
and so he’s not alone
as he likes to be with us 
in this home from home

He came to collect me
and I gave him a lub
As he’s one of my people
And part of the club
I showed him my lead
Where it was on the floor
and he put it on
led me back to the door
And then to the car
where I sat on his lap
as they drove me to Shoreham
I’m a lucky chap
For they have a garden
where I can long play
when I visit my people
there for the day

We love days with Wolfgang
and he loves it here
He’s clearly relaxed
and it gives us much cheer
He’s free with his kisses
and well-behaved too
so you’re welcome here Wolfgang
’cos we all love you


Photo – Wolfgang the Patterdale Terrier on route to Shoreham – Jempics

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