Commuting again

Tomorrow I'm back in London again
commuting up there on the train
leaving at dawn when no-one's about
travelling daily again
There's a bit of excitement but also a doubt
as Covid has not left us yet
but I'm boostered and jabbed and protecting myself
so I've really no reason to fret

It's back to Westminster so a walk through the park
daily is what I will do
for unless it is raining and blowing a gale
I'm avoiding the risk of the tube
I've a good book and music and a game on my Switch
so I will make the most of this time
and I'm sure the long hours will pass in a flash
and the journey and days will be fine


Photo – Jempics


New Manbag

Got a new manbag for all of my bits
that I carry around every day
it's a little bit bigger than the one that I have
and is quite an improvement I'd say
The leather one's great but it's smaller you see
perfect for fine days of summer
but when you need space for several more things
it becomes a bit of a bummer
But now I have both and I'm happy as Larry
pleased as punch and floating on air
and yes I'll be using it every day
carrying it proud everywhere


Photo – Jempics

Morning Dawning

Another early morning
and the beach is quiet and still
the sea a mirror calm
barely moving there until
the world around in slumber
slowly wakes up with the dawn
and I again am thankful
that another day is born


Photo – Jempics

Seagull II

In Worthing a seagull perched on a pole
looked out over the sea
surveying the land from birds' eye view
so regal and proud there was he
that I paused for a moment in reverence there
doffing proverbial cap
admiring his stance and the vista below
provided by this handsome chap


Wolfgang and I

The Wolf and I we went for a walk
down by the river and more
and he wagged his tail and pricked up his ears
at most everything that he saw
We walked down the towpath and looked at the planes
in the airport nearby
and as we walked home his tail wagged again
as some of them took to the sky
Later on, on the sofa, we both settled down
as upside down, legs a-kimbo he lay
and I watched a movie and tickled his ears
with thanks for this lovely day


Photo – Wolfgang and I – Jempics

Wolfgang is my middle daughter and her partners’ Patterdale Terrier.

A grin at nightfall

Caught a last glimpse on the river at dusk
of the sun as it ended the day
the evening came fast
now the daytime was past
and I couldn't expect it to stay

So I watched as the river down there in the gloom
slowly turned on the tide
as the night time set in
meeting there with my grin
which like it was silent and wide


Photo – River Adur, Shoreham-by-Sea – Jempics

For the eleven

Memorial for eleven who passed that fateful day
looking to the airport where, across the Adur way
the plane that fell out of the sky seven years now past
took off but never landed save by that fiery blast
Yet now on this east river bank eleven arches stand
and catch the rays of setting suns for those eleven and
serve as fitting testament in Shoreham here so we
do not forget their passing as this sculpture here we see


Photo – the memorial on the east bank of the River Adur in Shoreham. Commemorating the passing of the 11 men who lost their lives on 22 August 2015 when a Hawker Hunter 17 failed to complete a loop as a part of the RAFA Air Show and crashed on the A27 by-pass north of the airport. Created by David Parfitt and Jane Fordham, the sculpture comprises 11 arches, each one personalised in consultation with relatives of the victims.

Me by the sea

Gold on water evening time
on the beach into sublime
Westward walking all this mine
In Sussex by the sea

Sea air salty winter clime
far out there horizon line
evening shadows intertwine
In Sussex by the sea

All these wonders help define
the sea in me this storyline
of beaches with the weather fine
In Sussex by the sea


Photo – Jempics

Contentment II

Caught a sunset to die for on the beach in the gold
just there in time in the afternoon cold
and down on the shoreline where the waves meet the sand
just down from the shingle took in this view grand
And breathing in deep the fresh salty air
I knew perfect the privilege I had to be there
For this was a moment to seize for the day
and know a contentment in every way


Photo – Jempics

Mist walking

Found myself walking along the Broadwalk
heading into the mist
the sunshine was there above me somewhere
as the sky and the shingle there kissed
Ethereal silence descended as I
strode eastward along on my walk
giving passers by room as they grew from the gloom
with whispers there as they talked
and it was cathartic and pleasant for me
with barely a ripple of breeze
winter cold still but healing the ill
as I wandered close there to the sea


Photo – The Broadwalk, Shoreham Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

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