Life in words (reprise)

Concluding ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse (10 of 10)

I like writing poems
I write one every day
‘Cos there’s lots in life to write about
and it’s nice to have a say
I’ll write about the sunshine
and I’ll write about the sea
I’ll write about ‘most anything
and sometimes simply me

I have words describing places
and the music that I hear
and the people that I daily meet
and sometimes share a beer
So I’m sure to always have to hand
a book and yes, a pen
‘Cos words can come at any time
and I’m never certain when


Life in Words‘ (written in 1991) was originally posted to Jemverse in January 2016, reposted in March 2019 and again today.


The poet and some troublesome words (reprise)

9 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

As a candle burned into the night
the poet played a game
Chasing words that tried to hide
behind the flickering flame

But however hard the poet tried
he could not catch but one
The words were quick to disappear
as they were having fun

It really was frustrating
as he could see them forming there
But the words stayed just outside his reach
as they had no cause to care

The candle burned down to its wick
and though he’s tried his best
The poet couldn’t catch those words
and finally had to rest

But then, as darkness ruled again
a little magic came
For the words the poet had seen there
behaved themselves again

And later as the poet stirred
from slumber there he found
the very words he’d never caught
so he quickly wrote them down


I originally posted ‘The poet and some troublesome words‘ to Jemverse in January 2016

Bond of words (reprise)

8 of 12 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

Though similar paths each day I tread
there is always inspiration
in the things I see around me
to encourage recitation

But in case of memory lapses
my little notebook always carried
allows me to capture what I see
so that sights to words are married



Bond of Words‘ was first posted to Jemverse in November 2015

My best words (reprise)

7 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

There’s a place close by where my best words are found
Sometimes it is close to the sea
But at others it is up on the hills where I walk
And most times where I happen to be
It’s a place of deep soul and of feelings and thought
and emotion wrapped up into one
For me it’s the exuberant quality of life
Born from a love of the sun

It is nature and the wonder of all things around
And the finding of beauty close by
And linking these things to a sequence of words
that I find on a whim and a cry
I am, as a poet, a listener at heart
for life has a whole lot to say
And for me it’s the joy of finding the words
for the poems I write every day


My best words‘ was first posted in September 2015

Wordsmith (reprise)

6 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

Deep in the silence of a warm summer night
I encountered a thought and held on to it tight
With lucidity born of an erudite mind
It was something quite special for me to find

For it spoke of a gift bequeathed to a few
Which, when spoken aloud gave birth to the new
The craft of a wordsmith writing a verse
Born of the one but to many dispersed

And humbled I realised the wordsmith was me
And the words I had written were ones to set free.
Crafted and honed and born of that thought
then shared as a poem as only I ought


[‘Wordsmith‘ was first posted in August 2015, re-posted in March 2019 and again today]

Just a few words (reprise)

5 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

Just a few words is all it takes
To change the way I feel
Escapism? Maybe sometimes
But they have the power to heal

In just a few words each morning
I will find a way to say
Something new to bring good cheer
And brighten up my day


[‘Just a few words‘ was first posted via Jemverse in December 2014, reposted in August 2018 and again today]

Wordplay (reprise)

4 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

Wordplay is a marvellous thing
Finding ways to rhyme
It needs patience and vocabulary
And occasionally time

Syllabic sequencing is key
For some words just don’t fit
They need to flow right off the page
Needing humour, yes; and wit

Punctuation is important
But I don’t let it bother me
I want the words to do their thing
For the reader, don’t you see?

Thematics, they don’t matter much
(You can write ’bout anything)
It’s more important that the end result
Should make one smile and sing

So I’ll often read aloud the words
I’ve written when I’m done
For it’s important that they work for me
And give you, the reader, fun


[‘Wordplay‘ was first posted via Jemverse in November 2014]

Word camera (reprise)

3 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

I have a new ideas book the old one’s full up now
Something to carry round with me, comforting somehow
It’s not unlike a camera capturing words I see each day
These pages are my memory card recording what I write and say
Digitalisation in reverse with manual edits done
My words are transferred to the Mac for more ethereal fun
But there’s the rub, for I have both, a digital one and paper
Original scribbles there to cherish for every published caper


[‘Word camera‘ was first posted in August 2014]

My words (reprise)

2 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

I am your words there for the taking
sometimes accepted sometimes not.
Yet I remain. Captured, I am released
yet no malice there, or jealousy.
For I am yours and will always be
to use as you will, to leave as you choose.
When you find me I am crafted
like clay to the potter to form or substance;
a thing of beauty. For I am your words


[‘I am your words‘ was first posted via Jemverse in July 2014, reposted in August 2018 and again today]

Little Words (reprise)

1 of 10 in ‘The Word II’ series from Jemverse

I'm going to write an extra poem today
I'm sure no-one will mind
As it helps me to express myself
And most days to unwind
Poems are like sketches
As they capture little words
And paint pictures of the nuances
the normal and absurd

I might see a roaring wave
Or a flower in the breeze
Or a smile as something happens
Or something brings me to my knees
I might feel a mountain
Or a feather on the wind
I might cry a thousand tears
Or hide behind a grin

I might feel like shouting
Or whispering a while
Or I might just want to say something
That'll surely bring a smile
So I'll always have a little book
Or paper and a pen
For one never knows if little words
Will come to mind, or when


[‘Little Words‘ (written in 2006) was first posted via Jemverse in May 2014]

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