Last day #2

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Yes I know it's a bit shorter
but the slip-sliding away
this year is quite amazing
as it's February's last day

Now March is nigh upon us
and the winter's almost done
so I suspect in thirty more
we'll know the spring has come

So though another month
has left us now this year
I'm not that disappointed
as the warmer days are near


Photo – Jempics



In days of heady youth, future just a dream
the wisdom of a caring mother prompted application
to an embryonic beginning

Forecasting fortitude to longevity never seen
decades passed to forty years
and as youth acquiesced to age, retirement loomed

Now wisdom of age to fruition seen, the curtain call
beckons to a new beginning
at this evening sunset of a twilight year


Photo – Jempics; the Jemdrift driftwood sculpture ‘Time’ (2001)

[Tomorrow – 28 February 2023, I’ll have been part of the UK’s Civil Service for 40 years]


No.8 in the ‘Colloquy’ series

Don't get the wrong impression
my colleagues, reading this
as I'm not one for fudgel
as for me my work is bliss

But on occasion there are times
especially of late
when a fudgel is more common
in attempts to graciate

As with retirement looming
ever closer now these days
I find myself succumbing to
a new relaxing phase


[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some of the English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Fudgel’ is a verb and is defined as the act of giving the impression you’re working when you’re not.]

Wellbeing wanders

Took myself for a walk
around and about
my gait having purpose
as it's nice to get out

Down to the beach 
the broad walk for me
breathing in deep
salt air from the sea

Nodding a greeting
to people I passed
responding in kind
to others who asked

Getting my steps in
but it's more than that
as it brings a purpose
for matter of fact

Wellbeing of mind
and body and spirit
which in walks by the sea
fills up in a minute

So the privilege isn't
in any way lost
and I'm thankful for that
with no price or cost

As all of this wonder
is given for free
in a walk on the beach
down here by the sea


Photo – Jempics

Big Yellow Jumper

I've been watching the talent
and biding my time
but now the big jumper
is finally mine
And it's lovely and yellow
and comfortably massive
so I'll wear it with pride
with positive passive
And the knitter has done
a wonderful thing
for it's jumpers like this
that make the heart sing


Photo – Sally Croucher

The soon to be Spring

Still cold so breath escapes
in tiny clouds
and though mostly warm
in my cocoon
an involuntary shiver
shrugs away the frigid iron
Yet, as each day passes
and grow steadily longer, hope
prevails and prospers and grows
confident in the promise
of the soon to be Spring


Photo – Jempics

The Stranger II

Sun streamed through a window
as a stranger waved a hand
asked if he could take a seat
(anywhere was grand)
Brought a light not seen for long
through winter's shadow days
coupled with a curl of lips
to smiles from this malaise
Welcome it was evident
that it should stay right here
sitting anywhere it liked
to bring us all some cheer


Photo – Jempics

Exuberance II

Glistening the water bathed in light served
as erudite reminder of Spring
emerging from the vice of winter
iron clad accedes to warmth
and with breath deep drawn
lungs were filled with fragrance new
a shining example of Spring's exuberance


Photo – Jempics

The getupgo

Sometimes a little whimsy
hankers after mixtape years
when a cassette tape and a pencil
and some tunes for joy and tears
were all I sometimes needed
to drive the blues away
ninety minutes of recording
on a dull and rainy day

But hoorah, I still have playlists
so I'll get in there with the sound
and compile a list together
that's the best playlist around
For music is the healer
the best physician that I know
with my AirPods loudly blasting
for the best get up and go


Photo – Jempics

49 years

I remember the day, the falling from grace
with a knock at the door and a slap in the face
as the vicar stood there with chagrin and poise
whilst the words hit me hard with the loudest of noise

My father was gone, no more to return
forlorn, devastated, my fifteen years spurned
But I rose from that moment and grew with a strength
that lessened the pain at last and at length

Though no February passes when I don't think of him
forty-nine long years later, eyes full to the brim
It's a sad day remembered yet of one I am proud
for with it to his memory I will always shout loud


Photo – John Alan Croucher (10 May 1934 – 19 February 1974) R.I.P.

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