Stepped on a crack

10 of 12 in the ‘My very best’ series

Stepped on a crack in the pavement of life
And heard something chasing me
Turned and saw the bears of the night
Bricked it, suddenly

Ran so hard I thought I would die
But the bears were still hot on my trail
Panicked, I thought of a way to be free
But thought it would probably fail

Knew it was the only thing left to do
So I leapt for the space in between
And behind me I watched the bears disappear
As I fell to the ground breathlessly

Turned my head to the earth to cry
But a strong hand reached out for mine
Led me away from the cracks in the road
Showed me the narrow line 

Said it was hard to follow sometimes
But promised to always be there
Smiled and said to follow him
Led me away from the bears


Photo – Jempics [‘Shibboleth (aka ‘The Crack) – an installation by Doris Salcedo in Tate Modern’s turbine hall (2007)]

I first penned ‘Stepped on a Crack‘ in 1985 but first posted to Jemverse in August 2014

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  1. Maria Michaela
    Mar 28, 2023 @ 09:22:31

    This is just beautiful 🌷

    Liked by 2 people


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